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A woman reunited with a gold ring lost thanks to postal services

How a woman in northern New South Wales found a lost gold ring after Australia Post slipped off an envelope during delivery talked.

Jenny Frecklington-Jones visited Twitter on Monday and shared a wonderful journey of a 9 carat gold ring that she has owned for over 20 years.

A ring with a crescent moon and a star was given to 14-year-old Frecklinton Jones by a boy he was dating at the time.

When she ended the relationship, she returned the ring to the boy and didn't see it for 20 years.

"Twenty years fast forward, I came across his sister who wore a ring and she returned it to me," writes Frecklinton Jones.

Jenny Frecklington-Jones

Believing that the ring has some lucky traits, Let's lend it to a friend who has a fear of flying, which she started over the years.

"It always comes back to me safely," I say, and it kept coming back, "she said.

At one point, she moved to Perth after dating a Brisbane writer for a few weeks.

When his departure date came, he revealed that he had a fear of flying.

She handed him a ring and said, "Here, take this and send it back to me in full time."

"I've kept travelers safe all over the world, and it always comes back to me. Keep it as long as you need it." She slipped the ring into her little finger. I assured him before saying goodbye.

The man informed her a few months later that she had returned her ring to her by mail.

Postal workers
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"One night, I checked my mailbox and it was empty. There was a mailbox. The paper envelope had an irregular half-moon cut mark along the bottom, and a perfect round hole where the ring escaped, "she recalled.

"I couldn't think why [he] didn't use the padded bag ... some men, hey?"

She's online I decided to contact Australian Mail using the contact form and explain what it looks like and where it went from where.

"I received a fairly functional note saying that someone at Aus Post would look it up," she said.

Frecklington-Jones said he "wouldn't want to find a ring" or something that everyone at Australia Post cares about.

A worker carries a sack of letters

Just a few days later, she's her beloved An email saying that the ring was found at the bottom of an Adelaide sorter.

"I'm packing the ring properly and I'm on my way back to you," wrote an Australian Post staff member.

Within two days, the ring arrived in her mailbox.

"There are absolutely wonderful people working for Australia Post," she said.