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Worst foods and drinks for brain health, according to nutrition experts

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There are many reasons why you want to eat a healthy diet, but promoting brain health may be one of your priorities. 

From reducing the risk of dementia to supportingmental health, experts say limiting these foods and drinks if you haven't done so already. say.

Fruit juice and other sweet drinks  

It's time to reduce the amount of juice and sugar sweetened drinks.

These are the worst foods for your health, experts say

"Many people are tall for breakfast [Drinking] a glass of fruit juice Fruit juice is a sweet drink that contains useful nutrients but still contains very little fiber, "said a registered nutritionist at, a diagnostic lab. Susan Kelly says. She carries out various medical tests. 

"Consumption of sugar drinks has been accused of reducing total brain and hippocampal mass," she continues.

Kelly adds that it's best to eat the whole fruit, not the fruit in the form of a drink. According to the British Heart Foundation, blending fruits contains natural sugars that "release from within the cell walls of the fruit to become" free sugar "" and add sugars such as honey and maple syrup.

According to nutrition experts, these are the best immune-boosting foods

Too much alcohol  

Long-term happy hour drinking and dinner rituals with wine are clearly not good for your nogin.

"Alcoholic beverages have a great impact on the communication pathways of the brain. People who drink large amounts of alcohol can learn things and process new data while being depressed and chaotic. It will be difficult to do, "says Kelly. 

"To avoid such brain damage, women should not drink more than one glass of alcohol, men should stick to two glasses a day.

Refined sugar

Why are delicious sweets such as pastries, ice cream, yogurt, cookies and candies bad for your brain? The answer lies in the refined sugar content.

"The gut contains beneficial bacteria called the microbiota, which play an important role in maintaining both physical and mental health. These health benefits include It also includes mental health, known as the "cerebral-intestinal correlation." axis,'" offers a Trista K.Best registered dietitian with the Balance One supplement ( 

She harmonizes with this "cerebral intestinal axis" He adds that it is important to understand and carry the enteric nervous system, which is a vast network of neurons that line the intestinal tract. A message from the intestines to the brain and vice versa.

Ice cream is included in refined sugars which should be avoided for brain health. (iStock)

Ice cream is contained in refined sugar, so it is in the brain. You should avoid it for your health. (IStock)

"Researchers have discovered that there is a direct line of communication between the brain and the enteric nervous system, which is called the cerebrointestinal axis." She said with reference to the paper. Integrative Medicine: Published in the Clinician's Journal. 

"This line of communication works bidirectionally, linking the emotional and cognitive centers of the brain to peripheral gut function, which helps balance the gut and microbiota. It's very important. ”Note that dietary sugar can lead to dysbiosis [imbalance].

Refined Grains

As with refined sugar, minimize the intake of refined grain products such as white bread, pizza, britos, white rice, and white pasta. , A healthy and functioning brain.

"Refined grains can cause inflammation and worsen mental health," said Sheetal DeCaria (, MD, MD, who specializes in pain and mental health.

Pasta, a refined grain, can harm the brain by increasing inflammation and fatigue. (iStock)

Refined grain pasta increases inflammation and It can be harmful to the brain. Malaise. (IStock)

"Elevated levels of inflammation are associated with mental disorders such as depression and fatigue," she continued, published in the peer-reviewed journal Frontiersin Immunology. It points out research in 2019. 

Instead of refined grains, choose whole grain products such as whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, barley, oatmeal, brown rice, and millet.

Burning too many calories

Although it may not be in a particular food or food category, consuming too many calories on a regular basis It can be bad news for your brain health. To an expert.

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"Eat more calories The short period of time that passes and consumes increases the risk of memory-related problems and overall cognitive impairment, "says Kelly. 

"Binge eating is thought to cause obesity, which causes diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease, and further causes Alzheimer's disease and other brain disorders."

Diet Soft Drink 

If you think diet soda is good for your brain, be careful. 

"Studies show that even diet soft drinks are believed to be a healthier option, leading to increased brain inflammation and an increased risk of depression." Says DeCaria. 

Diet sodas are linked to elevated brain inflammation and risk of depression. (iStock)

Diet soda increases brain inflammation and depression .. (IStock)

A double-board certified integrated pain physician points to a 2015 study published in the journal Missouri Medicine. More scientific research is needed, but there are many other health reasons for throwing away diet soda (a 2020 study of heavy soft drink consumption and increased risk of fractures can reduce bone density). Perhaps this is a diet cola's back-breaking straw because of its sex.

Inflammatory foods

To enhance brain health Another type of food you want to avoid is a snack that causes inflammation, according to Kelly.

"Junks, fried foods, sugar products, and lean meats can be brain enemies if you settle for them," Kelly said.

"These foods cause inflammation, damage blood vessels in the brain, and increase the risk of developing dementia and affecting cognitive performance."

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