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Do you have the courage to stay in "the loneliest house in the world"? If so, you can buy it

No one is an island, but if you want to buy this private island off the coast of Maine, you should give it a try.

Duck Ledges Island,Home of the "World's Most Lonely Home"has been looking for new owners since it hit the market last June. Thepost reportedand seems to have had some problems in seducing someone.

New details about the current owner's status may have something to do with it — and it requires some brave demons.

Island owner and Bold Coast Properties realtor Billy Milliken has revealed that he is looking for someone who is willing to stay overnight in a secluded land. It can be reached by boat in 10 minutes. ..

Milliken, 52, told theinsider, "You need to stay to qualify as a buyer," and the new owner is not just a property, All the habits that accompany it. That is, its complete separation. At a price of

$ 339,000, some of the other quirks include the fact that the house doesn't have a real bathroom. Instead, the island has a 540-square-foot home for those who run in the middle of the night.

Also, there is a lack of running water and heat. Staying on the island during the winter is not ideal. Miriken added that he was away from the island during bad weather and was unsuitable for "people and beasts."

An island in Mains lists for $339,000.
Dean Tyler Photo
The island is surrounded by seals.
Dean Tyler Photo
The cottage/shack spans 540 square feet.
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"There are three Various times when the storm surge came to the cottage, and perhaps to some extent under the cottage, "Milliken told insiders. "But it's rising. It doesn't damage the structure or the floor."

"I made my friend stay there during the winter storm," Milliken said, and his friend was a fish. He added that he wanted to know what it would be like to live away from what the island could offer, such as asari. , And mussels. "He really made it rough. He was ready to go home three days later."

Milliken himself tends to go on a day trip rather than staying overnight. He admits that he likes to share the island with his close friends.

For Milliken, he said, the beauty of the island comes during the summer, "you can experience the ocean so much and be part of it."

The main living area.
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The home comes with faulted ceilings and a ladder that leads to the sleeping quarters.
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The one bedroom.
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Not always dangerous. He remembered that the water came out on the island during the still cold summer.

"It was just such a relief, a physical relief," he said of the coastal breeze. "I slept outside in a hammock. It was the best sleep I've ever had."

According to Milliken, two prospects have already completed their overnight request, and three more. People's parties also dare to stay on a very dark and remote island.

"It will come from the intestines," said Milliken (52). "When it's right, it's right. I'll feel it, and they'll feel it."

The porta potty.
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A view of the cottage's proximity to the outhouse bathroom.
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Sunset views from the island.
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And Milliken dared to find his devilish buyer. Post learned that the 1.5-acre island signed a deal over the weekend.

Milliken, who has owned the island for over a decade, explained why he stayed on the land for so long.

"We have a lot of busy and distracting things in our lives, but when we go out to the island, it feels really small," Milliken said. "It's very healthy to be alone in a place where you can really hear your voice. When you're there, you're a natural guest."

"I own the island for a long time." The more I do, the more I understand that it's a special place, "he added.