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Yankees believe Andrew Benintendi's return to Boston would be 'interesting'

Boston — Andrew Benintendi will return to Fenway Park on Friday. This is his first game as a visiting player since he was traded from the Sox to the Reds. last season.

He sat out last season with a rib injury and missed the Royals' series when Kansas City didn't play there before Benintendi was traded to the Yankees last month.

"I think it's going to be interesting, but don't worry. He won the World Series title in 2018.

I'm not sure what to expect from the fans, but I'm used to the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry and have spent five seasons in it.

"It's going to be fun," said Benintendi. rice field. "I haven't been there since 2020, but that rivalry always causes a stir.

Andrew Benintendi

In this case, "no matter what" means the Red Sox are in the midst of a disappointing season and are bottom of the AL East.

"Normally we're going to stick our necks out when we're playing these games, but they're still going to be addicted," said Benintendi.

When he played at his stadium for the Yankees with the Sox, Benintendi said it was easy for fans to catch up with him in left field because left field is closer to the field.

Not so at Fenway, where the closest fan is Green on his monster.

"They're right above you in New York. It can be tough, but I loved going there as a visiting player," said Benintendi. They're very high because there's a wall on the wall, but I'm sure you'll hear something."

He hasn't found his groove with the Yankees yet, but he's gotten better lately. I'm here. After he got off to a 23-1 start—with only one infield hit—Benintendi said he went 20-6, and in his last six games he had four doubles and one walk. , has five strikeouts.

One of the reasons the Yankees acquired Benintendi was that he was anti-hi Joey his gallo, allowing him to get more contact and play comfortably in the big market. is.

"Playing in Boston and being able to understand what it was, definitely helped," Benintendi said. “When I am in Kansas City, New York or Boston, I have high expectations for myself and the team. Why else would you play? ''