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You could win a million bucks with this puzzle on sale right now

What do you get the person who has everything? Well, that’s a puzzle! No, we don’t mean it’s a puzzle in that it’s a difficult decision. We mean it literally. Get that person a puzzle—but not just any puzzle! How about a puzzle which, when completed, could win them a cool mil!? And luckily for you, during the Deal Days sale (our early version of Amazon’s Prime Day), you can scoop it up at a discount.

Even if your friend isn’t a puzzle lover, the enticement of becoming a millionaire should amp up the excitement. Of course you could also explain to them how putting together jigsaw puzzles is good for both our mental and physical health by improving our memories, increasing our cognitive abilities, potentially staving off dementia, and so many other positive benefits.

But who are we kidding? We’re convinced it’s the pay dirt that’s going to have them putting those pieces together faster than even they thought possible.

The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle, $25, original price: $30

The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle

Once assembled, all they need to do is scan it with their device (it will become pretty clear early on it’s a QR code!). When the scanning is enabled, a notification will appear, letting them know what they’ve won—anywhere from a buck to one million dollars. Everyone is a winner – and two will end up being lucky millionaires!

Hmmm … wait! Why would you want to give this puzzle away, when maybe you will be the fortunate one? Well, you could opt to buy two … one for your friend and one for you. After all, $25 is a pretty great deal for a chance to win a million. And who knows? Maybe both of you will be big winners.

And what to do with your newfound money? Well that’s up to you, but may we suggest you peruse the other fab offers we have during Deal Days. Just because you may become a millionaire, doesn’t mean you won’t still love a great discount. And need we remind you that Christmas is coming? But don’t delay. Deal Days is over at 11:59pm on October 12, 2022.

Prices subject to change.