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You may want to rethink your summer travel plans. This is the reason.

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(CNN)A travel season unlike any other.

Anyone looking for a summer vacation can get caught up in the chaotic web of canceled flights, expensive car rentals, or packed hotels. The prospect of reaching point A to point B without an expensive headachemay seem almost impossible.
Consider this:FlightAware
{According to flight tracking data from 26, 639 flights within, or outside the United States will be canceled on Wednesday. And flight 5,837 was delayed. } Delta Air Lines alone reduced about 100 flights per dayfrom its July schedule to "minimize confusion", and July 4th travelers were not seen before the pandemic. We have issued an exemption to accommodate the number of passengers. ..

When renting a car, if you can find a car, it can cost you more than a few years ago. Hotel prices are also rising nationwide. This is the only relaxation.

What's happening?

Your summer travel worries are (probably) not your fault. In the sky, airline employees, especially pilots, are significantly less than they were before the pandemic. Also, on the road, the price of rental cars has risen by double digits due to the lack of available vehicles.

The demand for leisure travel is very highWith the addition of record high inflation, there is a recipe in question.

Much of this eddy can be traced back to Covid-19.

It starts with demand. Airlines and hotels anticipate record trips this summer as Americans who delay their trip during a pandemic return to vacation.

Demand meets the shortage of personnel. The airline received $ 54 billion in federal support during Covid's peak to avoid unintentional layoffs, but offers buyouts and early retirement packages to reduce staff and save money. After that, the number of employees is decreasing.

Understaffed causes problems. As a result, operations can quickly collapseif there are bad weather, understaffed air traffic control centers, or sick staff.

Next is inflation. The consumer price index, the government's main inflation indicator, estimates that overall fare in May before the pandemic rose 37.8% year-on-year, up 21.7% compared to May 2019. doing.

Keep in mind that in the midst of the outbreak, the Federal Reserve has implemented emergency stimulus measures to prevent financial markets from plunging. Central banks have begun to bring tens of billions of dollars into the market each month by cutting interest rates to near zero and repurchasing corporate bonds.

In doing so, banks probably prevented the financial crisis. However, maintaining these simple monetary policies has helpedinflation. This is why tickets are much more expensive than they used to be.

Car rental also has a pandemic problem. During the pandemic, the industry sold over 500,000 cars just to generate the cash needed to survive the crisis. After a year of serious losses, car rental companies struggled to rebuild their fleet to meet demand. The result is a very high price before the tank is full.

The hotel is alsonot very relieved when it arrives at the destination. Recall the problem of deadlocked travel demand. It crashes into a limited number of places to stay and has some spectacular prices.


According to the Biden administration, the average hotel room price is 23% higher than last year.

Earlier this month, Secretary of Transportation Pete Butigeg confirmed flight schedules with airline executives in a private conversation and took other steps to mitigate the effects of summer flight cancellations. I urged you to take it. } Told CNN's Gregory Wallace

According to sources, Butigeg asked the CEO to discuss plans to prevent and respond to confusion after the weekend of the July 4 holiday.

What do airlines say?

US airlines want you to know what they are trying to do. "We are making every effort to ensure a smooth trip this weekend," Airlines for America, a group of major US airlines, told CNN in a statement Thursday.

"US airlines are tackling a variety of challenges, including weather, airline and federal staffing, and every effort to ensure a smooth trip this weekend and all year round. As always, we work closely with the federal government to address issues such as bad weather, so we can coordinate schedules and airlines can contact travelers as soon as possible. You can. "

Group airline members have taken various approaches to reduce summer flight interruptions, including reducing the number of flights and allowing passengers to rebook for free during non-peak hours. I'm taking it.

Still, critics say the airline should have expectedMany of these issues occur prior to thesummer travel season.

How long will this last?

Read this work by aviationJournalist John Walton.

He writes: , Airports, and other important parts of the aviation system m employ and are not qualified to replace them.

That qualification point is important. We are familiar with airlines and airports, so we need the entire process to get someone a security pass that allows us to work at the gates of planes and airports.

In other words, traveling will be difficult for a while.

How can you prepare?

If you have a summer travel plan, you are not destined. CNN's travel team has put togetherpractical tipsto help you reach your destination if a flight is involved.

The sooner the better. You can avoid the chain of delays and cancellations by taking flights that depart early in the day. Bad weather is also more likely to affect later flights.

Leave some cushioning time for events you can't miss. Do not travel on the day of an important event such as a wedding. Plan to arrive at least one day early.

If your flight is canceled, please ask for a hotel voucher. If you can't fly on the same day, it's worth asking for a meal or a hotel voucher. In many cases, such as weather events, airlines do not need to provide them, but it is worth asking.

The most important thing is to stay considerateDon't let your customer service employees feel dissatisfied. They have not made any operational decisions.