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World Federation of Catholic Medical Associations vs Pontifical Academy for Life

Tim Daniels

(ZENIT News / Vatican City, 24.10.2022).- A month after the publication of a controversial book by the Pontifical Academy for Life (contested by several scientists); a week after the announcement of new members (some openly pro-abortion) and the need to “justify” those appointments with an official press release; almost contemporary with the Pope’s “backing” audience to the President of the Pontifical Academy for life, the World Federation of Catholic Medical Associations (whose headquarters are in the Saint Calixtus Palace, 00120 Vatican City), issued a press release expressing its position in face of a controversial appointment. Given the interest aroused and its timeliness, we offer the Federation’s Statement in full.

* * *

Declaration on a Recent Appointment to the Pontifical Academy for Life

The World Federation of Catholic Medical Associations (FIAMC) expresses its concern about a recent appointment of the Italian-American economist at University College London, Mariana Mazzucato, to serve a five-year term with the Pontifical Academy for Life. Unfortunately, Professor Mazzucato has expressed her views favourable to procured abortion openly in the (social) media.

The World Federation of Catholic Medical Associations acknowledges that, according to the new 2016 statutes of the Academy, “academicians are selected, without regard for their religion,” based on their “academic qualifications, proven professional integrity, professional expertise and faithful service in the defense and promotion of the right to life of every human person.”

The World Federation reminds also that the Academy’s new statutes require members to conform with Church teaching: members of the Academy should “promote and defend the principles regarding the value of life and dignity of the human person, interpreted in a way that conforms to the Magisterium of the Church.” An academician can have his or her membership revoked “in the case of a public and deliberate action or statement manifestly contrary to [said] principles, or seriously offensive to the dignity and credibility of the Catholic Church and the Academy itself.”

Prof. Dr. Bernard Ars
President of the World Federation of Catholic Medical Associations (FIAMC).

Prof. Dr. John Lane

Prof. Dr. José Diogo Ferreira Martins

Dr. Niklaus Waldis