Kava Farmers’ Association established in Canal-Fanafo

The farmers in the area traditionally rely on root crops for their livelihoods.

“The purpose of setting up this association is to address some issues and challenges that our kava farmers are currently facing in terms of pricing and accessing market opportunities,” said the associations’ chairperson, Sam Tas.

“The current price for green kava is VT 500 per kilo.

“Many kava buyers are taking advantage of young people and are buying kava at a very low price per kilo.

“Another reason for establishing this association is to seek assistance from other government departments who are involved in the kava industry to assist farmers in the rural areas like Canal Fanafo to ensure that whilst farmers are increasing kava production, there is also available markets in place,” Tas said.

“The association will also work with farmers to ensure that farmers maintain the production of kava and how the government can assist us through the introduced subsidy initiative implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fisheries and Biosecurity to access appropriate farming machineries as farmers here are still using farming tools such as knives, spade and others.

“The association intends to ensure that kava is protected as it has a traditional link to Vanuatu’s culture and traditional way of life.”

“The launching of the association and its constitution will be held on Tuesday April 20 2021 at Fanafo.

“Notices will be sent to all farmers to inform them of the launching and any interested kava farmers are eligible to become a member of the FCSKFA with an annual registration fee of VT 1,000,” Tas said.

Photo supplied Caption: Key kava farmers of Canal Fanafo- FCSKFA members

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