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BlueWave Wireless closing the Digital Divide for rural students

By Talaia Mika

APIA, SAMOA – 15 NOVEMBER 2022: BlueWave Wireless, the Samoan telecommunications company that has installed satellite WIFI internet access to over 100 schools around Samoa, today received further equipment to help rural based students close the gaps in the digital divide.

Today, Pacific-Assist, a not-for-profit organisation handed over sixty one computers to BlueWave Wireless at the Minister of Education, Seuula Ioane Tu’uau’s office.

The computers will help BlueWave continue to roll out its programmes to assist schools and students in the rural areas access online learning and available resources to help close the digital divide.

BlueWave Wireless Chief Operating Officer, Togisala Tony Leota Su’a said these computers will be updated with programmes that will help students access online programmes and the STEM-learning (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

“These are subjects that are being taught throughout the world and have been implemented by Ministries of Education around the world because that is the way towards the future especially in the digital age and as we continue to transition into the digital world, students will need to be able to understand, read and navigate the digital world,” he explained.

“They can’t do that if they do not learn the digital language through STEM learning and that is where BlueWave with its’ partners are looking to help schools in Samoa.

“The goal is to help BlueWave implement and help these schools that are vulnerable and that students have access to E-learning platforms and online resources.”

BlueWave will be rolling out these programmes to schools and through the Ministry of Education to provide students and teachers hands on access for a better understanding of digital learning.

Meanwhile, there is a total of over hundred and twenty laptops, and the 61 desktops donated by Pacific-Assist and other organisations that have contributed and these will be distributed to schools throughout Samoa before the end of the year.

The project is cost-free for the schools, districts, ministries or the government.

The 61 desktop computers were presented today by Pacific -Assist representatives, Callum Blair, Director of Pacific Assist and colleagues, Marcus and John to the Minister of Education this morning with the goal of connecting local students and schools to the world.

“We love the fact that we’ve been trying for quite a while to get into that computer page, then IT and then connecting the schools to the world and it’s actually happening everywhere but just not happening in Samoa,” Blair said.

Aside from the desktop donation Pacific-Assist is also looking to help Samoan schools through its “Furniture for Schools” project in the Pacific as they work to provide charitable assistance in the areas of Education, Health and well-being, Humanitarian aid, and Economic Development.

Pacific-Assist locate and organize the shipment of the goods with the help of LDS Charities, to the people who need them.