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Faleata 2 disburses $475,000 for village development projects

By Lagi Keresoma

APIA, SAMOA – 14 FEBRUARY 2023: The Faleata No 2 district has disbursed $475,000 tala under the One Million Tala village development project following the endorsement by the District Committee of thirty-three community projects.

Representatives of the three villages Tulaele, Vaiusu and Vaigaga met with the District Committee members last Friday and updated them on the progress and projects approved on the amounts requested.

The biggest portion went to Vaiusu village for a $300,000 agricultural project which includes a variety of agricultural seedlings and equipment.

The Committee however will disburse the project funds in $100,000 portions for materials needed.

The Vaigaga village project amounts to $112,000 for tools such as weed eaters, ornamental seedlings and necessary materials to beautify and keep the village clean.

The Tulaele EFKS church is investing in tents, chairs and tables to cater for big community events which can also be hired out to generate funds for the church.

The Faleata No.2 District Deputy Chairperson, Muaausa Toleafoa Fiona Talouli, said the committee will buy the materials and deliver them to all the applicants.

She emphasized to the representatives that no money will change hands but they will be supplied the materials required for their approved projects and will be delivered to them.

Muaausa said Vaiusu is the only village that has set a guide for families to follow by applying through the village to the committee for any development projects.

Ulugia Felisi spoke on behalf of all representatives and acknowledged the support and assistance.

“We have been waiting and we praise God that we finally reached this step towards the realization of the $1m project,” said Ulugia.

faleata 2 vaigaga funds
faleata 2 vaigaga funds

Ulugia Maimai & Tua Musu represented Vaigaga village.

Individual & extended families projects
Muauasa also confirmed that 27 individuals and 3 extended family projects have also been approved and will receive $2000 each to start their projects.

The Committee met with them on Monday this week and have been explained the process.

Mauaausa said the majority of individual and extended families applications are for small business development.

“We are giving them $2000 to start off but there are opportunities for more assistance in the last portion of the $1m funds, but that depends on the progress of their projects,” said Muaausa.

Asked about other villages and families within the districts if they had applied, Muaaausa said the 3 villages, 27 individuals and 3 extended families were the first to apply.

“We had their applications long before the process for the funds was opened,” said Muaausa.

Faleata No.2 is one of the 8 districts that received $575,000 late last year for village development projects. This amount is separate from the $200,000 initial funding to build the District Council Office.

Of the $575,000, $150,000 is allocated for office administration and operations and the remaining $425,000 is allocated to fund the actual village based projects.