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PM dedicates the $60 tala commemorative banknote to the Samoan women

By Lagi Keresoma

APIA, SAMOA – 30 MAY 2023: The $60 Tala banknote to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Samoa’s independence is dedicated to the contribution of Samoan women to the country’s political journey and development.

The Prime Minister, Fiame Naomi Mataafa paid tribute to the contribution of the Samoan women past and present as she launched the banknote last Friday.

The banknote which goes to circulation tomorrow, 31 May, significantly bears her photo as the country’s first female Prime Minister and the signatures of the very first woman Minister of Finance Mulipola Anarosa Ale-Molioo and the Governor of the Central Bank of Samoa Maiava Atalina Enari.

More significantly is that the banknote also features Samoa’s first Prime Minister, Mataafa Fiame Faumuina Mulinuu 11 lowering the New Zealand flag in 1962 as the Samoa independent flag was hoisted in its place.

It is a rare occurrence to have a father and daughter having held the Prime Minister’s office on the country’s very first and 60th independence anniversaries.

A New Dawn
In launching the banknote, the Minister for Finance Mulipola Anarosa Ale Molo’o said the banknote represents the celebration of a “NEW DAWN”, a beginning of a new day which is the sign of living hope, and a new era as we celebrate an important change in Samoa’s history, the first female Prime Minister to be appointed to create a new dream for the people of Samoa.

“Remarkably, the banknote features a father and daughter both appointed to the office of Prime Minister – within 60 years of Samoa’s independence.,” said Mulipola.

$60 Note Women
$60 Note Women

An all womens affair, Samoa’s first woman Prime Minister Fiame Naomi Mataafa, first woman Minister of Finance, Mulipola Ale Molioo and first woman Govenor of the Central Bank of Samoa, Maiava Atalina Enari launching the commemorative banknote.

The banknote also features the 60th Independence logo with the theme of “Folau ma le Fa’atuatua” or “Sail with Faith” and Samoa’s national motto “Fa’avae i Le Atua Samoa” or “Samoa is founded on God”.

Mulipola said the commemorative 60 tala banknote not only commemorates the 60 years of independence but also the accomplishments of Samoan women, and the unique importance of their role in the Samoan culture, as per the Samoan proverb “E au le Ina’ilau a Tamaita’i”.

“This is the first time in Samoa’s history of Banknotes, a 60Tala denominated note will be issued into circulation. A unique way to culminate the yearlong celebration of our 60th Independence,” said the Central Bank Governor, Maiava Atalina Enari.

The banknote is printed on a cotton paper substrate which includes an updated blue and green metallic thread with number 60 and the Samoan whisk. There is also a new watermark design featuring a Teuila flower with CBS letters.

$60 tala Bank Notes
$60 tala Bank Notes

The $60 tala Bank Notes that will be available as official tender through the banks tomorrow, 31 May 2023.

The Banknote Technical and Enhanced Security Features include:

* New Coloured banknote for easy recognition of the new denomination.

* New security watermark design featuring the national flower, Teuila.

* A 14.00mm gold iridescent band near the watermark

The commemorative banknote will be issued into circulation through the commercial banks tomorrow, 31 May 2023 and they will be legal tender, just like any other banknote or coin. Stocks of these special notes are limited and clearly they will become collectors’ items.

The Governor of the Central Bank of Samoa said it cost more than SAT$2 million to print One million $60 Tala banknotes.