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The Rock gives Toa Samoa a powerful USO support message ahead of historic final

By Lance Polu

APIA, SAMOA – 18 NOVEMBER 2022: Mega global film star, Dwayne the Rock Johnson, who holds the Samoan chiefly title Seiuli bestowed by the late Head of State Malietoa Tanumafili 11, has extended his Uso support to Toa Samoa as the team prepares for a historic World Cup final against the Kangaroos, 5am Sunday Samoan time.

The Rock is the latest to add his voice to the unprecedented global support given Toa Samoa’s success that has unified Samoans in celebration around the world with the 200 thousand on the Pacific island.

The Rock Johnson helped globalize the Samoan word “Uso” translated brother, in his film Hobbs and Shaw where he summoned his Samoan Usos for the epic final battle in the film. The call was accented with the war cry – Kiususū.

Uso carries an emotional connection and compels a spiritual bondage between people when facing a common task.

In his message of support, Seiuli extends to Toa Samoa his “boundless love and respect, boundless reverence and boundless pride.”

He said Toa Samoa has already made history, but it is their legacy they need to define and they define it by winning.

Seiuli Dwayne the Rock Johnson’s grandfather was the pioneering Samoan wrestler Fanene Peter Maivia and his daughter Ata Johnson is Dwayne’s mother.

“When I think about legacy, I think about my grandfather, Peter Maivia I think about my Dad  – the Soulman Johnson,  I think about my grandparents, all my ancestors, all our ancestors are watching…..History is watching.

“So when you take that field in Manchester, and you have that grit, and that DNA full of our Samoan pride, culture and you think about that legacy you guys wanted to find.

“You have already made history, you have arrived; and the other side of legacy is when you take that field in Manchester, and leave it all on that field……. and you win.” – Seiuli Dwayne the Rock Johnson.

“I’m so proud of you, we are all so proud of you. Take that field, make history………..and win.”

Then he ended with the Kiususu – the war cry.

As much as any other, Toa Samoa’s use of the Samoan warriors’ war cry, Kiususū, has also become global with its eerie sounds ringing across the stadiums and simultaneously throughout the world via the television broadcasts.

The Kiususū is a Samoan challenge for war; and in displaying the victims ‘scalp’ after the war.