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Best friends from Ark Animal Centre are looking for home to share

Spear and Sprinkle already love each other, but now they need a family to share love with too. Photo: Supplied

The Ark Animal Centre has a very special pair of dogs that need a special home.

In the last edition of Fourways Review, we published a story Can you spot your love match? [Week ending 14 February], of a number of dogs and cats of Fourways-based animal shelters looking for love. In doing research for the article, we came across the story of Spear and Sprinkle of the Ark Animal Centre, two dogs who have already found love in each other but are looking for love from humans too.

The siblings, a male and female greyhound-cross who are both nearly seven years old, are bonded and in need of a home together to enjoy their golden years.

“The pair originally came into Ark as puppies in September 2013. There were 10 puppies in their litter and were found abandoned in a box in the veld,” said Tracy Otto of Ark.

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“Spear and Sprinkle were adopted to a great home with acres of land to run around in [a few months after being rescued]. They stayed at their home for four and a half years until tragedy struck the family in 2018 and the dogs had to be returned to our centre.”

In the proceeding years, a suitable home was never found for the pair as they were used to a large property to run around on. Otto said as they have gotten older, the dogs have become more sedate and spend most of their days relaxing but still enjoy going for walks. She reiterated that the pair have to go together as separating them would be too stressful.

“A bonded pair is dogs that for whatever reason are strongly attached and need to be adopted into the same home together. Separating a bonded pair is liable to lead to anxiety issues in one or both of the dogs and cause depression and even aggression.

“Each half of a bonded pair will mourn the loss of the other. There is a difference between dogs who have lived together and a bonded pair, the relationship is more intense.”

To find out how to adopt Spear and Sprinkle, please contact Ark Animal Centre.

Details:; [email protected]; 087 742 2211.