South Africa

MMUSI MAIMANE | Face of elections in SA set to change for the better

There exists in company law a notion called “piercing the corporate veil” that is instructive when considering how to advance our democracy and hold political leaders to account. The remedy allows a company’s creditors to, in certain circumstances, ignore a company as a separate responsible entity and go straight to the actors behind the company — directors, shareholders and the like. It both prevents individuals from hiding behind the company when performing devious acts, and reveals who the accountable individuals truly are.

In considering the state of SA’s governance — and our body politic as a whole — the pertinent question remains: what is the most prudent, credible and workable way to fix the mess? Another political party? Electing one of the currently unelectable opposition parties? Installing another Ramaphosa-like figure that promises reform within the ANC? Frankly, none of these are an option. So where to?..

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