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South Africa: U.S. Rapper Apologises For Stealing DJ Lag's Beat

Cape Town — Black Eyed Peas singer has issued an apology to Gqom musician DJ Lag after South Africans called him out for allegedly stealing his beat to the song Ice Drop.

The drama started when American DJ Megan Ryte released a video for her new single Culture featuring ASAP Ferg and That's when people spotted the similarity to the  Durban artist's song and called it out for plagiarism.

The single was an instant rage all thanks to South African DJs and music fans who weren't forgiving and went on to slam the artists, urging people to dislike the video on YouTube.

DJ Lag's Ice Drop was released in 2016 and he wasn't approached for his beat which led to many wondering if he was going to get paid what is due to him.

Despite the anger, the video has racked up over 2.3 million views but with more dislikes than likes. Tired of the criticism, DJ Megan Ryte has since turned off the comment section.

In an Instagram post, said:

"What's up everybody, I'm here to clarify the situation between the song Culture and Drop ice by DJ Lag. First I want to take the time to apologize to Megan Ryte from the bottom of my heart. Megan, I'm truly sorry for putting you in this situation and I want everyone to know Megan does not deserve the hate you are throwing at her because Megan didn't do anything wrong.  "The person that's at fault is myself. When the song was turned in, I turned in the credit information to Megan and I obviously got the credit information wrong. When I realized I made a mistake I tried to fix it and at that point in time it was already too late, so I apologize to DJ Lag. DJ Lag you are an awesome producer, you have an amazing future ahead of you and I'm so sorry for getting the information wrong."

South Africans didn't feel the apology was genuine and further blasted the rapper.

@janine_j -  This is a nonsensical 'explanation'. You start this message apologising to Megan? You should apologise to DJ Lag . No one is 'throwing hate' at Megan. She's being asked to account for this colossal mess up. Also, what does shouting out DJ Lag do for his bank account.

@Nyambose_N -  This is not even an apology to DJLag Nxa

@Xhosa_Goddess -  You stole from DjLag but apologizing to Megan? Are you okay

@SQ_Myeza_ -  Turns out it's not the first time http:// Will.I.Am has done this. South Africa's very own  @RealDJLag  is his latest victim for that Megan Ryt production on CULTURE. These vultures! #IceDrop #DJLag

@Ally_Brittain -  @iamwill  you owe a Formal Apology to  @DjLag  not @MeganRyte  and she should throw that Apology to SA..  ayyy, no jokes detected here hehehe

@chilestmfazwe -    For me it's the irony of starting the video with the definition of culture vulture..... Meanwhile back at the ranch. I hope dj lag gets paid what's due to him. #DJLag

@MiMzV -  They tried the wrong ones! We'll come out and fight for our own, they must never! #DJLag

DJ Lag whose real name is Lwazi Gwala, is a producer and one of the pioneering creators of Gqom, a genre of electronic dance music that emerged in the early 2010s in Durban.

He produced My Power by Beyonce featuring Moonchild, Yemi Alade, Tierra Whack, and Busiswa. The song appears on The Lion King: The Gift - the soundtrack for The Lion King remake.

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