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Tembisa 10: A 10-part series detailing evidence found during investigation to be launched

Cape Town – A docu-series will be launched in the next two weeks pertaining to evidence of trafficking and the Tembisa 10 cover-up from an independent investigation, executive chairman of Independent Media Dr Iqbal Survé said on Wednesday.

This was revealed during a press conference held at Newspaper House in Cape Town when the media group released the findings of its investigation into the matter.

This comes after Independent Media exclusively broke the story of the 'Tembisa Ten' births in June this year. What began as a good news story, however, was dismissed as fake news in some quarters, amid reports of a cover-up by health authorities and the government.

Addressing the media, Survé revealed that during their independent investigation into the matter of the ‘disappearance’ of the babies, a web of deceit, corruption and fraud had been uncovered.

“A 10-video series of what has happened to the mother and the babies will be launched,” he said.

Survé said names, documentation, audio and video clips, doctors, nurses, social workers, politicians, police and even magistrates will all be exposed during the series.

“WhatsApp messages, substantial clinical records, will all be revealed. There are many villains in this story, as well as many heroes and heroines for having exposed the truth. Many have been threatened and almost killed,” he said.

Survé stated that many advised the media group to ‘leave the story’, but he said there was something fundamentally wrong, something ‘smelt rotten’, and thought it was important to dig deeper.

Survé said slowly but surely the truth was being uncovered about what truly happened.

He also stated that very ‘powerful people’ were involved in this story, and this will be revealed once the series hits, a human and baby trafficking syndicate will be revealed to all. Light will also be shed into how the hospitals involved in this saga are alleged to be at the epicentre of this trafficking syndicate.

The series will be published over 12 weeks and each video will be 15 minutes long.

“This is to protect all other vulnerable women in society. This syndicate threatened our journalists and investigators. We’re not afraid. You have to watch the series and read the print and online pieces to get the full details,” Survé added.

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