WATCH: Mixed reactions as Nigerian pastor preaches to travellers on plane


The pastor encourages travellers to be ‘born again’ before takeoff.

While it is not too unusual to find a pastor preaching on a bus or train in Africa, social media users were divided after a video emerged showing a pastor, said to be Nigerian, preaching on a plane before take off. The pastor, holding a bible, encourages travellers to be “born again”, though they don’t respond to his call.

The video has sparked a debate on social media, with some defending him, while others condemn him for “impinging” on people’s rights.

Twitter user @Byron_Smalls said: “This is one of the conversations we need to be having as Nigerians, why don’t [everyone] just keep their religion to themselves… Government outrightly need to ban public preaching, prayers before government functions (be it in a particular religion dominated region or not).”

Olaifa Kayode wrote: “What’s all this, Now people can’t fly in peace? Not only is this nonsensical, it is disrespectful to the followers of other religions on that plane. Whatever happened to leaving the flying experience neutral and religious bias-free. Only in my continent.”

It was unclear where the incident took place.

Watch the video shared by Victor Ehikhamenor:

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