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Avocado Union urges farmers to coordinate

Avocado Union of Zambia (AUZ) President Patrick Mutimashi has called on avocado farmers in the country to work together and coordinate their efforts to boost avocado production. 

Mutimashi emphasized the importance of unity among farmers to meet the increasing demand for avocados, particularly in the European market.

“Individualism will not satisfy the growing demand of avocados on the international market, especially that of Europe, hence the need to come together,” said Mutimashi in an interview with Lusaka Star.

He stressed the need for farmers to unite and form strong partnerships in order to increase harvest tonnage and benefit the country’s economy. Mutimashi highlighted the limitations of individualism in meeting the demand for avocados.

“It is also important that both new and already existing avocado farmers utilize avocado cooperatives that have been established in all the ten provinces across the country in order to embrace the habit,” added Mutimashi.

In response to the call for coordinated efforts, Agriculture Expert Dr. Frank Kayula emphasized the importance of improved collaboration between the government and the private sector in avocado production.

“There is a need for improved consented efforts from both government and the private sector to support farmers in increasing avocado yields,” said Dr. Kayula.

Dr. Kayula stressed the importance of concerted efforts to provide necessary resources and support to farmers, enabling them to enhance their avocado production.