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Barefeet launches youth arts carnival 2023, uniting marginalised youths

Barefeet Theatre, a non-governmental organisation founded by former street children, has announced the launch of the Barefeet Youth Arts Carnival Festival 2023.

This festival, scheduled to take place next month at Chita Gardens, aims to make a positive impact on the lives of youths living on the streets, those with disabilities, and individuals from marginalised communities.

During the festival launch, Ms. Lee-Anne Singh, Board Chairperson of Barefeet Theatre, emphasised the organisation’s dedication to using the power of the arts to build and transform lives.

She highlighted how the festival serves as a platform for youths to showcase their talents and capabilities while receiving guidance and mentorship to make informed decisions about their future.

“We believe that by joining forces, we can create a platform that not only showcases their creativity but also fosters a sense of community engagement,” Singh stated.

The Barefeet Youth Arts Carnival Festival is an annual event that celebrates the exceptional work of talented artists from various disciplines.

It provides a stage for youths to demonstrate their artistic abilities and serves as an opportunity to inspire others. The festival creates an environment that encourages dialogue, collaboration, and the sharing of ideas.

The Honourable Doreen Mwamba, Minister of Social Welfare, who also spoke at the event, praised the festival as a significant milestone in promoting Zambia’s rich cultural diversity.

Ms. Mwamba highlighted the importance of embracing individuals from different backgrounds and cultures, fostering unity and understanding.

“This event serves as a platform for cultural exchange, encouraging a deeper understanding and appreciation of diverse artistic expressions,” Mwamba stated.

“By showcasing a wide array of artistic traditions, the festival creates an environment that encourages dialogue, collaboration, and the sharing of ideas.”

In an interview with the Lusaka Star, Chibwe Lumpa, Barefeet Project Manager, highlighted that young people from different communities in Lusaka, Livingstone, and Kaoma will come together to showcase their talents at the festival.

Lumpa emphasised that the festival serves as a platform to showcase the organisation’s year-round work and promote cultural diversity in Lusaka by inviting communities such as Indians, Chinese, and Africans to exhibit their culture and traditional fare.

The Barefeet Youth Arts Carnival Festival 2023 will run under the theme “Unity in Diversity,” reminding everyone of the importance of embracing differences and celebrating the unique talents and perspectives that each individual brings to the table.