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Don’t transfer erring officers- Kangwa directs Controlling Officers

The Acting Secretary to Cabinet, Patrick Kangwa has expressed concern with increasing numbers of public service workers being surrendered to the Public Service Management Division (PAMD) or transferred to other Ministries or departments on the basis of misconduct.

Mr. Kangwa has since directed PSMD not to attend to such requests, further urging controlling officers to also refrain from making the requests.

He was speaking in Lusaka today, when he officially opened a meeting of Permanent Secretaries and Directors of Human Resource and Administration on the Public service disciplinary code and handling staff offences.

He explained that requests of surrendering or transferring an offending officer to another ministry or department does not solve the problem but instead it is just transferring the problem to another environment.

Mr. Kangwa said the trend has led to an increase in the number of officers facing disciplinary action without proper conclusion of the cases.

He wondered why despite having the authority to warn, charge, demote, suspend or fire erring officers, people entrusted with such responsibilities have failed to do so.

He explained that there is need for the officers to be proactive and timely deal with challenges that affect the effective provision of public services.

“Surrendering or transferring of staff is not in any way dealing with a problem, we need to be proactive, and failure to deal with an officer who is indisciplined is an indication that you have also failed. This is why I am directing PSMD to discontinue receiving requests of surrendering, and you PSs not to make those requests of surrendering, “he added.

Mr. Kangwa cited the continued citing of public service workers in the Auditor General’s report and the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee as an indication that there is a lot of disorderliness in the service.

He stated that the new administration is committed to seeing a civil service that is vested with knowledge on the government procedures and operations for effective public service provision.

The Acting Secretary to Cabinet explained that this is why government has embarked on human resources management reforms aimed at equipping the head of Human Resource and Permanent Secretaries on how to efficiently deal with issues to do with personnel.

He also called for strict observance of confidentiality when handling government documents and matters.

Mr. Kangwa further added that the cabinet office will continue with such engagements in order for controlling officers and other key staff to have knowledge and understanding on professionalism that will in turn benefit the workers.