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Embankments to Mitigate Flooding in Kawambwa District

Subchief Kabanda inspecting the construction works at Musambeshi embankment

By Jonas Miselo,

In a bid to combat the devastating effects of flooding during the rainy season, the Transforming Landscapes for Resiliency and Development Project (TRALARD) is
currently undertaking an ambitious initiative in Kawambwa district.

With a budget of 1.6 million dollars, the project involves the construction of three embankments and crossing points, aimed at mitigating the frequent isolation of certain areas within the district.

Kawambwa Town Council Secretary Isaac Mwale commends the TRALARD project for its potential to significantly improve the well-being of the local population.The construction of these embankments will help to reduce the risk of flooding and will also improve access to these areas during the rainy season," Mwale stated, highlighting the project dual benefits.

Known for its higher rainfall levels compared to other provinces, Luapula Kawambwa district is particularly susceptible to flooding, leaving certain areas cut off from essential services.

materials used for the construction of the Musambeshi embankment

Mr. Mwale acknowledged the critical role of the TRALARD project in addressing this issue and providing much-needed support to the local community.
Luapula province receives more rainfall than other provinces, especially Kawambwa district itself, so there are times when certain areas get flooded and are cut off. This project by TRALARD is really going to help our people, he added.

And Sub-chief Kabanda, the traditional leader of the area where the Musambeshi embankment is being constructed, expressed his gratitude for the project
transformative impact.

Speaking of its significance, he explains,The Musambeshi embankment is very important for our people because it will help our farming community of over four
hundred farmers have easy access to the markets, as well as help them receive farming inputs during the farming season.

Chief Kabanda also noted that the embankment will greatly facilitate access to emergency medical care, stating, We have a clinic that serves a large catchment area,and the construction of this embankment will mean that a journey that used to take a long time for the ambulance will now be reduced to 10 or 15 minutes."
As the contracted company responsible for the construction, Wah Kong Enterprises is nearing completion of the Musambeshi embankment and crossing point. Site manager
Go provides an update on the progress.

We are currently working on the finishing touches, and we expect to complete the project in the next few weeks,he said.

The TRALARD project is funded by the World Bank and holds the objective of enhancing community resilience to climate change and natural disasters.
The construction of embankments in Kawambwa district represents a pivotal intervention in this mission, underscoring the project commitment to safeguarding
communities from environmental challenges.