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Fuel Shortage in Kitwe to be Resolved in Two Days

The government has announced that the temporary shortage of fuel in Kitwe, which has inconvenienced residents, will be resolved within the next two days. Ministry of Information and Media Director Spokesperson, Thabo Kawana, confirmed that Indeni Energy Company Limited would intentionally increase the supply of petrol to Oil Marketing Companies in Kitwe.

Expressing regret over the inconvenience caused to Kitwe residents, Mr. Kawana assured the public that the government is taking swift action to address the issue. He also urged Oil Marketing Companies to ensure they have sufficient petrol stocks and emphasized the government’s commitment to monitoring their operations.

The Oil Marketing Companies Association of Zambia attributed the ongoing fuel shortage in some parts of the Copperbelt to thin profit margins against the cost of importing the product, which has made it currently unattractive for these businesses, causing a slowdown in supply.

Some Kitwe residents voiced their concerns, calling on the government to closely monitor the activities of Oil Marketing Companies to ensure an adequate supply of petrol. Chilufya Mushota, a motorist who was among those queuing for petrol, expressed confusion as to why Kitwe specifically faced a shortage while the rest of the country had sufficient petrol stocks.

In response to these concerns, Ministry of Information and Media Director Spokesperson, Thabo Kawana, visited various filling stations in Kitwe to assess the fuel situation, particularly with regard to petrol. During his visit, he assured residents and stakeholders that the situation would improve. Indeni Energy Limited Company has increased its supply of petrol to the Oil Marketing Companies, and by Thursday or Friday, the situation is expected to normalize.