A shocking incident at Grand IQ Primary School in Chilanga District has left two pupils injured after a grenade they were playing with accidentally exploded. The incident occurred when one of the pupils, a child of a Police Officer, brought the grenade to school, mistakenly thinking it was a toy.

According to Police Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga, the injured pupils are a 5-year-old boy and a 9-year-old girl, both of whom sustained deep cuts on their legs due to the explosion. Fortunately, they have been discharged from Chilanga Clinic after receiving medical treatment.

Mr. Hamoonga disclosed to ZNBC News that the ongoing Police investigation has revealed that the grenade in question was brought to the school by the 5-year-old student, who innocently told his friend that he had a toy.

The incident has raised concerns among parents, teachers, and authorities about the safety of children at schools. The presence of a live grenade on the school premises poses serious risks to the well-being of the students and highlights the need for enhanced security measures and awareness about dangerous objects.

The school administration, along with law enforcement officials, are working together to ensure such incidents are prevented in the future. Meanwhile, parents are urged to be vigilant and have open conversations with their children about the importance of not touching or playing with unfamiliar objects, especially those that could pose potential dangers.