Inonge Wina directs Ministry of Health to follow up on COVID-19 pledges

Acting President Inonge Wina has directed the Ministry of Health to follow up the pledges made by various stakeholders towards the fight against the Covid-19.

Mrs. Wina says most donations pronounced by stakeholders during the routine briefings on Covid-19 have not been delivered to the Ministry for onward distribution to the areas of need.

She says it is important that the donations are delivered to the ministry so that they are distributed to people that are in need such as schools and frontline health workers.

Mrs. Wina who is also Vice President said this when she visited Medical Stores Limited to familiarize herself with the operations and ascertain the quantities of Personal Protective Equipment and hand hygiene facilities.

And Mrs. Wina has called on the Ministries of Health and General Education to work together ahead of the reopening of schools so that pupils are safe from contracting Covid -19.

She has also commended the Ministry of Health for placing medical personal at points of entry to ensure every person coming into the country is screened and tested for Covid-19.

And Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya said the Medical Stores is strategic to the transformational agenda of the health sector.

Meanwhile, Medical Stores Limited Managing Director Chikuta Mbewe said 90 percent of the donations received towards the Covid-19 fight are distributed to the strategic points.

Mr. Mbewe said Medical Stores Limited can monitor the supplies that come to the warehouse and distributed to strategic points to ensure there is accountability and transparency.

He said there is a warehouse management system that establishes the trail of supplies and donations.

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