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LAZ Condemns Appalling Police Brutality and Abuse of Citizens in Zambia

In a scathing denouncement, the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has expressed its outrage over recent incidents of police brutality and the deplorable treatment inflicted upon citizens and members of the Opposition. LAZ President, Mr. Lungisani Zulu, issued a statement highlighting the disturbing acts of violence perpetrated by the police.

Notably, LAZ condemned the vicious torture endured by Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba, former Permanent Representative to the African Union, as well as Rizwan Patel, a PF Petauke official, and Given Phiri, a co-accused individual linked to Dr. Christopher Zumani Zimba, former State House Special Assistant for Politics.

However, the condemnation didn’t stop there. Mr. Zulu also took aim at the insensitive remarks made by Inspector General of Police, Raohaesl Musamba. Musamba’s callous statement, which implied that the Opposition should comply with his officers or face the use of “minimum force,” was met with unequivocal disapproval from LAZ.

Highlighting the legal context, Mr. Zulu stressed that such acts of torture and inhuman treatment are strictly prohibited under Article 15 and the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel

, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment. He demanded that the Inspector General of Police take immediate action and implement remedial measures to address this deeply concerning trend.

LAZ’s condemnation represents a resounding call for justice and an end to the abhorrent treatment of Zambian citizens. The association’s fervent hope is that the authorities will swiftly address these violations and ensure the protection of human rights for all individuals within the country.