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Zambia Police Service Responds to Call for Salary Review by Fred M’membe

File:President Hakainde Hichilema officiating at the graduation ceremony of 1, 341 officer-recruits at the Zambia Police, Lilayi Training College in Lusaka.

The Zambia Police Service has issued a press statement in response to the call made by Dr. Fred M’Membe, President of the Socialist Party, urging the government to review the remuneration and conditions of service for police officers and staff.

The Police Service expressed dismay at the involvement of some politicians in dragging the police into political matters when it suits their interests, and then resorting to name-calling when it does not. Emphasizing that the police service is not a tool to be used in the political arena, they reiterated their commitment to serving the Republic of Zambia and its citizens with courtesy and professionalism.

The statement addressed Dr. Fred M’Membe’s appeal for the government to urgently review the salaries of police officers and staff. While acknowledging that the Police Service, like any other organization, desires better remuneration, they criticized the manner in which politicians are attempting to exploit this issue for political gains.

The Police Service rejected what they referred to as “kindergarten tricks” aimed at enticing the police with pay raises to win their loyalty for political objectives. They emphasized that the police will not be swayed by such tactics and remain committed to staying above politics.

Dr. Fred M’Membe, in his Facebook post, highlighted the urgent need for the government to prioritize and attend to the hardships faced by police officers and staff. He called for a comprehensive review of remuneration and conditions of service, aligned with the demands of modern policing. The Socialist Party President stressed the importance of adequately and fairly compensating police officers, recognizing their integral role in the nation’s defense and security.

Furthermore, he emphasized the need for capacity-building programs, skills training, and career development for police officers to ensure a higher level of competence in the discharge of their duties, especially in the 21st century where policing has become highly sophisticated.

The Socialist Party assured the police officers and staff that if the government fails to respond positively to their demands, they would take action to address the issues upon assuming office. Their main goal being to modernize the police service and bridge existing gaps in remuneration, training, and career development.

The Zambia Police Service, in its press statement, reaffirmed its commitment to serving the nation with a highly motivated and competent police force.