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Zambia’s first Netflix film receives Albinism Foundation endorsement.

The Albinism Foundation of Zambia (AFZ) has endorsed Zambia’s first Netflix feature film titled “Can You See Us?”

 The movie, based on Zambian Musician, Activist, and Commissioner for Zambia Police Service, John Chiti, premiered on Netflix on 27th August 2023.

In a press statement, AFZ Executive Director Baidon Chandipo said that the movie represented the Zambian albinism community and their plight very well. 

“We are happy that it is a tool we can use to raise more awareness on albinism issues. We are happy to see that the movie is on Netflix,” Mr. Chandipo said. 

He also called upon all stakeholders to collaborate with the albinism community to tell more of their stories. 

“We have more stories to tell. Feel free to contact and partner with us on various projects,” the Executive Director said.

In an interview with Lusaka Star, the movie’s Executive Producer, Lawrence Thompson, said that he was inspired to create a film centered around the lives of albinos.

“While I was working on the story, I was told to get in touch with John Chiti, who is an activist and musician with albinism,” Thompson said. 

He further added that he was set on making the movie after having a conversation with John Chiti, who recounted his painful life story. 

“John was telling me about how people like him are rejected by their father; it touched my heart so much that I thought of doing this film,” the Executive Producer said. 

Mr. Thompson said that he anticipates that the movie will help people understand that albinos are human beings too and albinism is just a condition. 

“People should see the human side element of it and see the challenges that one with albinism faces from childhood to adulthood,” he said. Mr. Thompson also added that this movie is a great achievement for Zambia’s film industry and it will bring great opportunities for Zambians.

Meanwhile, movie enthusiast Ruth Tembo said that the movie is a great lesson on how people should treat one another despite their differences. 

“In the story, I learned that no matter how people treat you, always focus on the positives,” she said. 

Ms. Tembo further added that she hopes to see a change in the way society treats people living with albinism.