ABC ‘should be shut down today’

ABC 'should be shut down today'

The ABC has participated in what may be one of the greatest medical scandals in history, according to Sky News host Rowan Dean. “This week we learned Hydroxychloroquine, the anti-malaria drug touted by President Donald Trump months ago as a potential prevention against the coronavirus, works,” Mr Dean said. “He was right. “It has successfully lowered mortality rates for hospitalised coronavirus patients by 50 per cent. “It would appear a very cheap drug that saves lives has for months been denigrated by the left wing media and the chief coronavirus expert on the ABC. “The sneering and patronising voice of the ABC paid for by your money and they were wrong. “Because of Trump derangement syndrome. “The left loathes Trump so much it totally blinds them to anything he says, even when what he says could potentially save thousands of lives.”

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