Cars Throng Madrid as Spain’s Far-Right Vox Party Calls for Protest

Cars Throng Madrid as Spain's Far-Right Vox Party Calls for Protest

Thousands of people in cars and on motorbikes gathered in Madrid on May 23 as part of a demonstration called by Spain’s far-right Vox party to protest the country’s lockdown. In Spain, where deaths from coronavirus stood at more than 28,000, authorities had been easing lockdown measures first put in place on March 14 over a number of weeks. Some areas, such as Barcelona and Madrid, where the outbreak was more severe, remained in lockdown. Vox leader Santiago Abascal spoke at the protest, saying, “Let your desire be heard for the resignation of the government.” Video posted online shows people waving Spanish flags, chanting and beeping horns from their cars along a street in Madrid during the demonstration. Credit: Nacho Roncero via Storyful

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