Communist China is a ‘brutal and conscience free’ regime

Communist China is a 'brutal and conscience free' regime

Sky News host Graham Richardson says the Communist Party of China is an awful and brutal regime which is "completely conscience free". "There's no fighting in Hong Kong that can ever be successful," Mr Richardson told Sky News host Andrew Bolt. "This is a brutal, awful regime and it couldn't care less how many it runs over with tanks, how many it shoots or anything else". "This is a regime that's completely conscience free". Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Australia will consider giving Honk Kong nationals safe haven in Australia after China passed its controversial national security laws this week. Under the news laws, it will be illegal for anyone in Hong Kong to engage in secessionist, subversive, or terrorist activities. Mr Richardson said the people in Hong Kong should leave "without feeling any bad regrets or anything else". "If I were them, I'd go".

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