Road re-opened outside Brisbane hospital after truck rollover

A main road outside the Princess Alexandra Hospital on Brisbane's southside has been re-opened after a truck rollover led to a 6½-hour closure.

Police said a truck carrying a semi-trailer with a shipping crate was travelling southbound on Ipswich Road when it rolled over just after 10am on Saturday at Woolloongabba.

A truck rollover has caused the closure of a road at Woolloongabba as emergency services work to clear the scene.

A truck rollover has caused the closure of a road at Woolloongabba as emergency services work to clear the scene.Credit:Ben Mihan, Australian Traffic Network

"As the truck rolled over, it's reported that it has hit a few cars and ended up on the other side of the road," a police spokeswoman said.

Paramedics assessed six patients who all declined transport to hospital.

Australian Traffic Network spokesman Ben Mihan, who was on scene, said cars were towed just after 12.30pm.

No one required transportation to hospital.

No one required transportation to hospital.Credit:Australian Traffic Network

"The container ship was coming down Cornwall Street and went around the corner too fast on Ipswich Road and rolled onto its side," he said.

"Three cars got hit as a result of that on Ipswich Road but have been taken from the scene now.

"The container is in the two right turn lanes that are still blocked and it looks like it's going to be there for quite some time."

Mr Mihan said traffic was diverted to O'Keefe Street.

"The road closure has caused delays that are building onto Stanley Street," he said.

"The lanes are closed southbound but if drivers are coming from the shopping centre on O'Keefe Street, they can get back into right lane to get around the crash if they take Tottenham Street.

"Delays southbound are not too bad but if drivers are coming northbound and heading towards Ipswich Road at intersection of Cornwall street, they'll be greeted by a bit of traffic."

Mr Mihan said emergency services had difficulty lifting the container and it took some time to remove it from the area.

The forensic crash unit was investigating.

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