Target Time and superquiz, Monday, September 28


Using the nine letters in the grid, how many words of four letters or more can you list? The centre letter must be included and each letter may be used only once. No colloquial or foreign words. No capitalised nouns, apostrophes or plural words ending in "s".

Reference source: Macquarie Dictionary


Today's Target: 25 words, average; 40 words, good; 55+ words, excellent.

Saturday's Target: otter, pepo, poet, poetry, poor, pope, pore, port, potter, pottery, potto, prop, PROTOTYPE, pyrope, root, rooty, rope, ropy, rote, ryot, toot, tope, toper, topper, tore, tort, torte, tote, troop, trope, trot, tyro, yore..

Football news:

Cherchesov congratulated Maradona on his 60th birthday: Human happiness, Diego!
Milan - the first club to have 3 players born after January 1, 1999 scored in a Europa League/Champions League match
Zenith is necessary to protect the Semak. He can become as much of a legend as Semin is to Loco. Sabitov about the coach of St. Petersburg
Morelos scored the 21st goal in European competition for Rangers, repeating Mccoist's record
Tottenham were the first Premier League clubs to lose in the European Cup season
Arsenal have not conceded at home for the first time since July 1. Goalkeeper Runarsson made his debut for the Londoners
Sandro Tonali: Milan on the crest of a wave. The Rossoneri shirt is pressing, but I'm getting in shape