غیبت سرمربی آبی پوشان در دو بازی اول لیگ قهرمان

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Football news:

Hoffenheim Director on leaving juniors for Bayern: It hurts us because we do all the work at the Academy for them
Atalanta President: PSG is a very strong team. It will be like going to school for us
Bruno was named player of the month in the Premier League for the second time in a row
Giovanni van Bronckhorst: I can't imagine Barcelona without Messi
Zlatan on the future in Milan: Ibra is not a player for the Europa League
Fiorentina wants to get Higuain as part of Chiesa's exchange to Juventus
Direct shots from a corner are a deliberate technique of the team from Portugal. Scored the winning goal in the 91st and moved closer to the Europa League