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Nema launches crackdown on ocean polluters

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Nema launches crackdown on ocean polluters

Wednesday May 25 2022

The government has launched a major operation against firms emitting untreated wastewater into the Indian Ocean and rivers.

The 100-day crackdown by the National Environment Management Authority (Nema) dubbed Rapid Response Initiative (RRI) targets firms and institutions discharging hazardous effluent polluting the marine ecosystem.

In the crackdown, Nema has partnered with the National Police Service to ensure compliance.

Nema Coast regional director for environment Wachira Bore said government officials will be conducting raids across the region targeting fuel stations, hospitals, hotels, depots, clubs and companies discharging wastewater into the ocean.

Mr Bore urged business owners to comply with Nema regulations to avoid arrest.

He warned firms, hospitals and institutions against discharging wastewater to the environment saying they risk being arrested for flouting Nema regulations

“We have pitched camp at the Coast to enlighten the public on the dangers of discharging wastewater into the environment including the ocean and rivers. Untreated wastewater is harmful to the marine environment. There are other forms of life in the sea that are affected. Firms must ensure water going to the ocean and rivers are treated,” he added.

He urged firms to invest in bio-digesters to treat the wastewater before it is safely discharged.

“Failure to comply with our regulations will attract a fine of between Sh2 million and Sh4 million or a jail term of six months to two years. All facilities discharging wastewater must have bio-digesters,” he added.

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