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War Against the Junta: Over 60 Forces Killed in Past Three Days

War Against the Junta

More than 60 Myanmar junta forces were reportedly killed as People’s Defense Force (PDF) groups continued to attack regime forces and military bases in Sagaing, Mandalay and Tanintharyi regions and Rakhine and Mon states in the last three days.

The Irrawaddy has rounded up the following reports of significant PDF attacks and junta atrocities.

Junta police station raided in Salingyi

A fierce clash broke out in Salingyi Township, Sagaing Region on Sunday morning when four local resistance groups attempted to occupy the police station in the town of Kyar Tat, where 40 soldiers and police are stationed.

PDF groups abandoned their attempt to occupy the police station after five hours of fighting in which two military helicopter gunships attacked the resistance forces.

Military equipment and a laptop seized by PDFs during a raid on regime forces in Myingyan Township, Mandalay Region on Saturday. / MGN Ranger

In the raid, five junta troops and two PDF fighters were killed and some junta weapons were seized by the PDF groups.

Pro-regime Telegram channel Fifty Two News reported on Sunday that regime forces managed to protect their police station from the raid by 200 PDF members.

10 junta soldiers killed in PDF raid in Monywa

The resistance group Scorpions-PDF claimed on Monday that 10 regime soldiers were killed and five injured during a raid by three PDF groups on a police station in Nyaung Phyu Pin Village in Monywa Township, Sagiang Region at 2 a.m. on Sunday morning.

However, they failed to occupy the police outpost.

Three junta policemen after being ambushed by a PDF in Ye Township, Mon State last Friday. / CJ

Military convoy ambushed in Sagaing

The People’s Army to Fight Dictatorship (PAFD) claimed to have ambushed a military convoy of five vehicles on a highway in Myinmu Township, Sagaing Region using 10 land mines on Sunday morning.

Escorted by two military vehicles, three small vehicles believed to have been carrying senior army officers were traveling to Monywa from Sagaing. The operation was jointly conducted by four resistance groups. Many regime troops are believed to have been injured or killed in the attack, the PAFD said.

15 junta soldiers reportedly killed in PDF ambush in Myaung

Fifteen military troops were reportedly killed in Myaung Township, Sagaing Region when two resistance groups triggered six land mines to ambush a military convoy of six vehicles traveling on the Sagaing-Monywa highway on Sunday morning.

The convoy also faced aerial bombardment by a PDF drone, said Bo Tiger Group, which ambushed the convoy. The group said two ambulances made two trips to transport the bodies of soldiers to the hospital.

Junta court bombed in Yangon

Sanchaung-PDF claimed to have bombed the junta court on Baho Road in Sanchaung Township, Yangon Region on Sunday evening using remote-controlled mines. It was a warning attack against those who are contributing to military rule, the group said.

Weapons seized by a PDF during an ambush on policemen in a vehicle in Ye Township, Mon State last Friday. / Ye Belu

Military checkpoint raided in Taungtha

Six regime forces were killed in Taungtha Township, Mandalay Region on Saturday night when three PDF groups raided 15 regime forces manning a military checkpoint at the entrance of Taungtha town, said Myingyan District Army, the PDF group that coordinated the attack.

Four dead bodies of soldiers were immediately cremated and two other bodies were taken away in a vehicle, the group said.

Six junta soldiers killed or injured in Pinlebu

At least six junta soldiers were killed or injured during two days of firefights when Pinlebu-PDF clashed with regime forces in Pinlebu Township, Sagaing Region on Saturday and last Friday, said Pinlebu Revolution (PR), the media wing of the PDF.

Two resistance fighters also suffered injuries, the PR said.

Six regime troops killed in Myingyan

Six regime forces including an army officer were killed in Myingyan Township, Mandalay Region early on Saturday when nine resistance groups raided a military outpost at Myauk Kyun Village, said Myingyan Ranger, which coordinated the attack.

During the raid, many regime forces abandoned the outpost. A video shows resistance fighters occupying a building where regime forces were stationed.

Two junta police officers abducted in Rakhine

A police captain and a sergeant were arrested by the Arakan Army (AA) in Ponnakyun Township, Rakhine State on Saturday as they were having a drink at a restaurant, according to Western News, a local media outlet.

Police forces reportedly have to arrest local residents who are wanted by the military regime in the township.

Eight junta soldiers including two army officers killed in Mawlaik

Eight military regime troops including a captain and a second lieutenant were killed during a clash with the Mawlaik-PDF near Toonpin Village in Mawlaik Township, Sagaing Region last Friday, reported local media Mawlake News.

Eight firearms and ammunition were also seized in the shootout, the media outlet said.

2,111 houses torched by regime forces in Taze

A total of 2,111 houses were burned down in Taze Township, Sagaing Region between May 2021 and October 2022 as junta soldiers and pro-regime Pyu Saw Htee militia torched a total of 64 villages of the township, Taze News, a local media outlet documenting junta arson attacks, reported on Saturday.

In the attacks, five villages were completely burned down. Meanwhile, a total of 68 civilians were killed and a woman was raped by junta troops in the township, the media outlet said.

Four pro-regime militia members killed in Tanintharyi

Four pro-regime Pyu Saw Htee militia members were killed during a clash with the Launglon-PDF in Launglon Township, Tanintharyi Region last Thursday, the PDF group said on Sunday.

Fighters of Launglon-PDF pose along with weapons seized in a clash with pro-regime a Pyu Saw Htee militia in Launglon Township, Tanintharyi Region last Friday. / LLPDF

A rifle and an improvised gun were seized along with ammunition, the PDF said.

Three junta policemen killed in Mon State

A local police station chief and two constables were killed in an ambush on their vehicle in Mon State’s Ye Township last Friday, according to the resistance group Ye Belu, which conducted the ambush. Two guns and ammunition were also seized.