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5 goats for my bro’s killers

Desperate and broke, family offer unusual reward

Increasingly desperate and with nowhere else to turn, a grieving family have offered a reward of five goats to anyone with information that could lead to the arrest of their son’s killers.

A familiar face on the streets of Francistown, where he worked as a combi operator, 49-year-old Molefe Tawethu Phuthego died in a hospital bed at Nyangabgwe on 11th April.

A week earlier, he was found at his rented home in Sebina, his battered and bloodied body lying prone on the floor. He never regained consciousness again.

DECEASED DAD: Late combi driver, Phuthego

Phuthego’s kin are adamant he was slain by thugs in the night, and maintain the killers then covered up the crime to make it look like a tragic accident.

Although they do not have any money, they do have livestock.

The dead man’s younger brother, Chris Mbochwa, is willing to part with five of his precious goats to anyone who can help crack the case and track down the culprits.

“Everything was made to look like an accident, made to look like he accidentally tripped over a bucket of boiling water, but it’s very clear that something happened in that house,” maintained Mbochwa, who is the family spokesperson.

The thebeless Mbochwa will part with his animals in exchange for answers.

IN SOLIDARITY: Fellow taxi operators, Macheke and Seganabeng

“I don’t have money, these five goats, including a huge billy-goat, are all I have and I’m willing to give them away in exchange for information,” he said.

As part of his quest for what he terms ‘the truth’, Mbochwa is leading a social media crusade seeking justice for his brother.

Pouring out his emotions in a Facebook post, he wrote: “Re batiseng dilalome tse di re tseetseng monna yoo plz. A pip off is enough, too. I promise ur name will be protected. Batho ba Sebina and batho ba di combi tsa Sebina Ghetto ntshang sign. I don’t have money for reward but these goats is all I have. Let them be urs plz. Justice is all we want. No amount can bring him back but yeah Justice Justice.

“Its not too late gents comon. The game is not over. I haven’t lost yet. May your soul rest in peace big brother till we meet again. I wish I could say I will avenge your death but only if I knew who did it… but yeah just like that.”

The post was made on April 17th, hours after Phuthego had been laid to rest – Mbochwa, however, will not rest until his murdered big brother is avenged.

He has the backing of Phuthego’s colleagues at the Ftown bus rank, who condemned the killing of one of their own.

Interviewed operators described the deceased as a humble, quiet and respectful human who worked hard to feed his three children.

“He was a people’s person. We’re all still shocked of what happened and support any efforts to bring his killers to book,” said Mbiganyi Macheke.

PRICE OF PAIN: The goats on offer

His sentiments were shared by fellow driver, Chakalisa Seganabeng, who said Phuthego’s death has left a very bad taste in his mouth.

One of the vendors, Wada Nneelang, whose stall is opposite the parking area for the Ftown/Sebina route Phuthego was responsible for, struggled to hold back tears.

“Today nobody really wants to talk about him, because it’s too painful,” she said.

Meanwhile, Tutume Police Station Commander, Jerry Halahala, confirmed his officers were yet to arrest anyone in connection with the incident.

“At the moment, there are no suspects, and we are yet to establish what could have led to the deceased’s death,” was all Halahala was prepared to tell The Voice.