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A $ 25 million proceeding has been filed in Saskatchewan alleging abuse and sexual assault. school

WARNING: This article contains details that some readers may find offensive. Read at your own discretion.

A $25 million class action lawsuit was initiated, alleging Mile Two Church Inc., which operated the Legacy Christian Academy and church in Saskatoon, and her list of 21 defendants. I was. , students who were physically and sexually abused prior to 2005.

Former students Caitlin Erickson and Coy Nolin are named as plaintiffs, according to court documents released Tuesday.

The document states that Ericsson, Norrin, and other members or students of the Church have been harmed by the named defendants for psychological, mental, emotional, spiritual harm, as well as physical or sexual assault or

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Students and underage followers and

"Church worker Nathan Schultz was accused of harassing female underage followers and the church congregation at Sunday School.

During this period, he made him go to the bathroom with him, where he would put candy on his penis and give birth to a girl, picking it up with her hand or mouth, and in some cases, he would wear his trousers. and had the girls reach into their pockets and say, "Look what a surprise I have in store for you." and engaged in sexual caresses.

None of these claims have been proven in court.

The document alleges that corporal punishment was used as a remedy, which is reflected in publications by Mile Two Church Inc. and by Keith Johnson, who was the pastor of the church. It is stated that Principal and Principal.

"Spanking can leave marks on children. If liberals heard this, they would immediately accuse us of supporting hitting children. Child-beating is when an enraged parent who doesn't love their child starts beating their child.That's what I'm claiming.Is that what the Bible commands us to do? What is the purpose of spanking children, primarily to teach them that sin is wrong, that sin is always punishable, and that sin always hurts them more than anyone else. If you intend to make followers out of them, you need to make sure the punishment is harsh enough to make a lasting impression.In some cases, proper discipline can cause problems," the document says. I am reading one of the examples given in .

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"Spanking is It should be a ritual. A ritual is a practice that is repeated regularly in a series of precise ways.” is doing. On one occasion, Caitlin was hit in the leg and limped during volleyball practice after being assaulted. A volleyball practice coach, Fran Thebnot, forced Caitlin, who was limping, to undergo additional strenuous exercise, both individually and in isolation. claims to

Erickson claimed that schools and churches sold paddles and kept them in plain sight.

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Other cases are listed that claim to have caused physical or sexual assault.

"Defendants as principals, teachers, pastors and elders are in a position of authority and full control over the members of the Plaintiff's class, including the Plaintiffs, who are children and who are under their care and supervision. I was receiving ". document.

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"Defendant's conduct caused members of the Plaintiff class, including Plaintiff, to blame themselves for the abuse at hand."
“Members of the Plaintiff Class, including Plaintiffs, experienced fear and anxiety while attending school or church as a result of the Defendants’ conduct for which they were legally responsible.” I was living in fear,” claimed the document.

Global News sought responses from Legacy Christian Academy and Mile Two Church Inc. and Mile Two Church Inc. sent the following statement:

"The Mile Two Church community is deeply troubled by details of abuse by former students reported in the press. At this time, Mile Two Church expects to include details reported in the press. We don't see any statements being made, and we want the legal system to clarify who did what to whom, when, and ultimately hold those responsible accountable for their actions. Upon receipt of the bill, we will investigate it thoroughly.No other public comments will be made at this time until we review the complaint with our attorneys," read the statement.

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