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Adam Zivo: The Brave New World Homosexual Disgust Shows How Progressivists Demand Fit

For years, activists have sought to minimize the role of gay men in the fight for their rights

File: A pedestrian walks past the Pride flag on Church Street in ”The Village", Toronto's predominantly gay neighbourhood.
File: Pedestrians are the church of "The Village", Toronto's predominantly gay neighborhood. Pass the pride flag on the street. Photo: Peter J Thompson /National Post

Gay men have legal rights and social acceptance After decades of fighting for, some leftmost circles have resulted in "awakened gays" who despise gay men and try to minimize their role in LGBTQ history. Appeared. This new homosexual lineage shows that awakened advocacy for minority rights is often politically conditional. As long as you adopt our ideology, you will fight for you.

Awakened homosexual disgust has not been formally studied and is difficult to disassemble and analyze. However, examples are collected in the infamous Google Photos album. Is open to the public and contains over 4,500 screenshots of awakened activists attacking gay men. This is called "fa *** ts" where society needs to "burn in hell", "erase" and "cancel" while claiming to "normalize homosexual aversion".

In some radical leftists, being a "cisgender" (cisgender gayman) is a stigma.

Some of the remaining awakenings deny the same existence-attempted to brand sexual attraction and homosexual aversion as "genital fetishes" that need to be unlearned — more or less. Conversion therapy. If a gay man likes a man's genitals and rejects the pressure to "investigate" his direction, it's very unpleasant for some.

The aforementioned Google album contains tweets blaming gay men "focusing sexuality on d ** k tastes" — male anatomy A tweet that lectures a gay man about "being obsessed with the structure" is "bio-essential" and "the same sex appeal doesn't matter".

Now, to be fair, some gay men are cruel to transgender people who want to date them — and instead of paying homage to their progress. , Treat them as leprosy. With does not give you permission to humiliate them — but respect goes bidirectional, and gay men should not be ashamed of forcing their sexual boundaries.

Thankfully, much on the left still understands the legitimacy of sexual orientation. However, attacks on homosexuals are sufficient to justify the debate about how recent attempts to dismiss biology from gender or gender have adversely affected individuals who have attracted homosexuals. It is so popular.

Awakened homosexuals, however, many progressives now consider gay men to be politically unreliable. Too conservative, these circles are considered unbearable even for moderate left-handers. He then uses gay insults to harass gay men into political obedience.

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  2. This is a statue of Alexander Wood, a Toronto pioneer adopted as a icon of the city's gay community due. His statue has now been removed due to his tenuous connections to the residential school system.

    Adam Jibo: The removal of the Alexanderwood statue from the gay village of Toronto ignores indigenous history.

Openly gay Pete, who ran for Democratic presidential candidate in the 2020 US elections and is now the Minister of Transport. The debate over Butigeg illustrates this very well. Butigeg was resolutely progressive, but not radical enough for many awakened voices. Progressiveattacked him by recycling homosexual words and metaphors.

For example, New Republic wrote an article by a progressive writerwho said that Butigeg as a gay man was too crazy about sex and drugs. released. To govern. Butigeg, like an essay by CounterPunch who called him"Uncle's Twink", was further polluted as not really gay and "it" his complex life as a gay man. Raise your butt down to those who "take". With such an ally that needs an enemy.

Similarly, the CBC published an article in 2020 that abused gay men as a whole. I hinted that there is — apparently because the tendency for homosexuality to moral corruption is the only way to explain the diversity of ideologies among communities.

This type of attack has previously occurred against other poorly awakened minority groups. A relatively conservative, straight black man is sometimes referred to as a "black white". Latin Americans are now away from theUS Democratic Party. Push to reclassify them as white

The message is loud and clear. Your legitimacy as a minority has all the political and moral influence that accompanies it and is subject to political obedience. This happens not only at the individual level, but across the community. But unique to gay men is an attempt to strip their own history. For years, some awakened activists have spread the lie that gay men did not substantially contribute to the fight for their rights. This story is also amplified by mainstream outlets such asUSATodayand. 103} CBC.Over the past few years, the arrival of the pride season has been foretold by social posts and memetic waves conducting this debate.

They argue that the achievements of the LGBTQ rights movement should be overwhelmingly given to transgender women of color instead. why. Two transgender women, Masha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera,probably "throwed the first brick to the Stonewall"(New York's 1969 Stonewall RebellionHyundai It is considered to be the beginning of gay rights activities in New York). In contrast, gay men are supposed to have messed with their thumbs.

Therefore, the LGBTQ community, especially gay men, is supposed to show political obsession because they "take" pride in transgender women.

This is a ridiculous story that works on the premise that social advocacy creates debt that needs to be repaid. However, if you believe that advocacy is incurring debt to the community, especially if you believe that debt is entitled to teach others how to think, you cannot legally defend the interests of the community. ..

It's also ridiculous to reduce the history of LGBTQ rights movements to throwing bricks. LGBTQ rights have been built by the great efforts of countless people. If all that labor is conceptualized as a handful of sand, throwing bricks at the stone wall is just a spot on the mound.

The legal protection enjoyed by the LGBTQ community is complex, including the difficult legal task of having courts recognize LGBTQ people as a protected class, rather than being secured by riots. Secured by long-term organizing efforts. The gay manled many of these challenges.

Gay men have also established much of the social infrastructure that enables LGBTQ community building. For example, the staff of Canada's LGBTQ pioneering publication, The BodyPolitic, dominated. By a gay man. Without gay men, there is no history of LGBTQ. Our rights do not rest with others.

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