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Missing man's wife waits and hopes after a Russian missile destroys a shopping street

Ukraine, Kremenchuk — Last week, after a Russian missile attacked the Amstor shopping center, Sabina Hrytsai tried social media because she couldn't reach her husband over the phone.

She "is looking for her beloved husband," she wrote on Facebook, explaining what 27-year-old Evgeny wore when she set out to shift to the mall. did.

"Dear, I believe you are alive," she added.

But after she waited for days, her hopes diminished. She said she wasn't in the hospital. The police couldn't find him either. Also, he couldn't be an employee of a consumer electronics retailer where he worked as a sales consultant.

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"I was just in an interview in Kremenchuk, southwest of Kyiv, and on June 11th, the two grew up and celebrated their first anniversary.

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Ukraine's National Emergency Service said on Saturday that 21 people were confirmed dead after the cruise missile attack on Monday, with an additional 66 injured.

Work is still underway to identify the bodies of more than 20 humans recovered at the scene of one of Russia's most deadly invasions of Ukraine.

Russia allowed to target the mall, but called it a military target and denied that there were civilian casualties. Both claims were dismissed as false. A car factory 500 meters away. Also attacked.

Sabina Hrytsai's husband, Evgeny, has been missing since Monday's commercial transaction in Kremenchuk, Ukraine, on July 1, 2022. Stewart Bell / Global News

The air raid alert is about 10 minutes before the missile explodes just before 4 pm It started before.

But Hrytsai told Global News a few days before the attack that her husband had adopted a new policy for shopping centers to respond to missiles {46. }

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Instead of closing when it rings, the mall remains open and employees decide for themselves whether to evacuate. She said she needed it.

"You shouldn't do this," Hrytsai said. "We are at war in this country, so we have to obey the rules. If you have sirens, these kinds of things like malls should be closed."

Evgeny was always keen to evacuate, and every time the sirens rang, the newlyweds called each other to make sure they were safe, she said.

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Newlyweds Sabina Hrytsai, left, and Evgeny, missing since Monday’s Russian missile attack on a mall in Kremenchuk, Ukraine.
Newlyweds Sabina Hrytsai , Left, and Evgeny, missing since Monday's Russian missile attack on the Kremenchuk mall in Ukraine. Facebook

"And I don't know why he didn't leave the shopping center on the 27th. Maybe because he had a client, "she said. "He was always worried that his income would be low."

An employee of another mall who survived the attack said from his hospital bed during an air raid warning. Said he saw a social media post advising him to stay open.

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Kremenchuk Mayor Vitalii Maletskyi said in a message from the mall manager on June 23, "From that day onwards. Portava News reported that

emergency workers searched the Amstor shopping center following a Russian missile attack. 2022.Stewart Bell / Global News

Walking her two dogs in a school yard park, Hrytsai has a pet He said he was waiting to miss Evgeny for him to return.

"They are our children," she said. "I didn't have time to have my own child."

"He was very kind and very open," she said. "He always provided me with everything. He always told me," I don't want you to work in a job you don't like. "

"That's why he worked exactly here, because it was before the war. It's one of the most paid places in the city."

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She said he was worried about losing his job after the invasion of Russia on February 24th. Monday was supposed to be Evgeny's holiday, but he was called, she added.

The couple quarreled because they didn't want him to go before he went to work. She wanted him to quit and find a new job to treat him better, but he first wanted to find a new job.

"I didn't even say goodbye to him, I was very angry," she said.

Married couple Sabina Fritzai (left) and Evgeny, who have been missing since the Russian attack on Amster Mall on Monday. Facebook

She was at home when she heard the explosion. She called Evgeny, but he didn't answer. She thought he was in a shelter in the basement.

When he didn't call, she thought he was still angry with their argument, and she saw a picture of the fire at Amster Mall.

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She ran there, but she couldn't find him, so she Kremenchuk I went to the hospital. "But they told me that your husband wasn't anywhere," she said.

"So, until today, I'm waiting."

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