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Alcohol in restaurant industry is drying up as BCGEU goes on strike

The British Columbia General Employees Union (BCGEU) has set up picket lines outside liquor distribution centers in the province.

His four liquor wholesale and distribution centers in BC carry out targeted job actions. This is putting pressure on the service industry as restaurants, liquor stores, retailers and hospitality no longer accept deliveries of alcohol. We believe there is,” said Ian Tostenson, president and CEO of BC Restaurant and Food Association (BCRFA).

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deliveries be suspended for spirits and products with hard alcohol. At Kelly O'Brien's restaurant and pub in West Kelowna, a shutdown means lost profits.

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"It's going to be huge. 20% of my business is liquor. It's going to be hard," said Kelly O'Brien owner Ben Shave.

Shave says he now has about two weeks of alcohol left. Beer and wine can still be received as they are products from out-of-state suppliers. But after a few difficult years in the service industry, it's another setback.

We've spent dealing with all the shutdowns and changes, [we've] had to adapt and overcome, we'll have to adapt and overcome again," Shave said.

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Liquor stores across the state are starting to run out of supplies. Cask and Barrel liquor store owner Devin Smith said he didn't expect this to happen.

"He received one email stating that deliveries will not be available."

The store has not received deliveries this week and is beginning to run out of its most popular items. increase. Some customers have already come to the store to stock up on merchandise, Smith said. He said this would also affect small producers across the state as delivery lines have been cut off.

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"Many craft breweries and wineries offer direct delivery, but some We're still using the liquor distribution sector, they won't be able to sell their product," Smith said.

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The BCRFA President says this will have a significant impact on the industry and is working with the BCGEU and BC government to find a solution.

"We do not want to be part of this controversy. Unfortunately, our industry is embroiled in controversies that we should not be involved in," Tostenson said. 62}

Tostenson said buying B.C. wine and beer directly from producers would not fill the gap left by the delivery stoppage.