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When the Blue Bombers escape the BMO Field with a one-point victory, Argos blows it off to the missed converts.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers' Drew Wolitarsky celebrates his touchdown with teammate Greg Ellingson, right, during the first half of CFL football action against the Toronto Argonauts on Monday.
Winnipeg Blue Bombers' Drew Wolitarsky celebrates a touchdown with teammate Greg Erinson in the first half of CFL football action against the Toronto Argonauts on Monday. Photo: Mark Blinch/Canadian Press

Argos first loses his composure and then into the game In the cruelest fashion I lost.

A potentially defined late game touchdown drive will be mounted, but Boris Bead will have one of the most unlikely nights on Monday's rare kick-off. Missed conversion after touchdown to finish.

A false kick went down the road in Toronto, including the opening round of the season when Montreal missed a short field goal, but it was Argos who blew it off that night.

The final result resulted in an ugly 23-22 defeat for two-time defending Gray Cup champion Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

This wasn't as ugly as last week's host B.C. pasting 41 points. Lions, but this setback will sting.

It was a frustrating night when emotions boiled on the Argos bench, encouraging GM Michael Clemons to leave the team private and work as a peacemaker.

Following a brutal pick on a simple slanted pass that Brandon Banks should have secured, Argos lost his composure in the bench area, and Banks and Trebon Vertical made a fierce exchange.

The two were easily teammates in Hamilton.

Following the fourth turnover of the night in Toronto, the Thai game should have turned into a two-ownership game.

What was played alongside the bystanders in Toronto was bad.

Argos played poorly for most of the night, but they hung up by starting a comeback from the 17-0 deficit.

As expected, Andrew Harris ran hard in his first match against his previous team and ran through the defenders.

He made a great 100-yard rush game. This is a very rare achievement for Argos running backs in recent years.

McLeod Bethel Thompson can throw it when it's not thrown into the press.

He has shown enough resilience to bounce off the moment of misery.

Argos couldn't get out of his way in the opening half of the game as the night began to move away from the homeside.

Every time I took a step forward, I made too many mistakes.

Each failure is confiscated by a bomber that forced three turnovers.

When they weren't making physical guffs, Argos was guilty of mental weakness, the play was denied, and the field was lost.

The only lasting drive leads to a down turnover when Harris stops at the third and one in Winnipeg's 30-yard line.

For some strange reason, Argos was lined up with a shotgun and wasn't given any benefit from the officials on the spot.

Argos challenged it, but play stopped and Winnipeg regained ownership.

Defensively, Argos put pressure on him by sending additional defenders.

If so many errors occurred, the unit was unable to pick up the attack.

Toronto gained momentum in the second half, driving football to Winnipeg's 40.

MBT was dismissed in 2nd and 9th positions, pushing Argos back 5 yards.

Next, Bede drilled a 52-yard field goal and scored very necessary points with 43 seconds remaining.

Winnipeg put the drive ball in the field goal range, but Jamal Peters intercepted Zack Collaros in the end zone with an improper heave.

Ring of Honor

Harris and Argos assistant Pete Costanza received the Gray Cup ring before the kick-off.

Last year, Costanza was on Mike O'Shea's staff when the bomber defended the title with a hammer.

He joined Argos this season.

Costanza and Dinwiddie were on the same staff in Calgary.

For Harris, it was his third ring and first came when he played in B.C. Lions.

There was a lot of hugs and affection between Harris and several bomber teammates and members of Winnipeg's coaching staff.

On this occasion, former Argo greats Damon Allen, Byron Parker, and Muky Mitchell were also able to take action.

All three won the ring in double blue.

Parker and Mitchell participated in the team's practice during the week.

Rose Score

Winston Rose picks up the MBT and returns the thrown ball back to his 46-yard home in his fourth play from Toronto's Line of Scrimmage. When I did, I created the first point of the game.

Immediately before the throw, the MBT threw a ball that Banks should have caught near the sideline, but he couldn't secure it.

In Toronto's second series, the MBT chose almost a different path. This time it was done by Adam Big Hill when the middle linebacker fell into coverage.

Big Hill couldn't secure it as Argos punted it.

In the third series of Argos, the MBT was intercepted by Nick Tailor.

This was MBT's fourth interception in nine quarters.

Winnipeg turned his Taylor pick into a touchdown as the bomber scored 14 points from a Toronto turnover.

The bank made up for the drop by turning intercepts into touchdowns in the third quarter when it stole Demerio Houston football at the goal line.

He then dropped a slant near the goal line and Argos was poised to pull the match away and made a passcut.

Early Returns

Argos is in his second year with Jabon Leak in six games after a hamstring injury during Saturday practice. I used the dejon brest to recover. game.

Bresset recorded the only touchdown on the special team last season when he regained his blocked punt.

Against Winnipeg, he secured the first punt in the game and returned 18 yards.

Isaia Wright returned Winnipeg's first kick-off following the first major of 26 yards.

Following Winnipeg's second score, Argos was asked to penalize Wright's return.

When Argos took ownership for the fourth time, they started from the 16-yard line.

A failed exchange featuring the Marquise Ambles in action will be collected at Toronto's 10-yard line.

After the punt, Winnipeg took over ownership at Toronto's 50-yard line as the field continued to tilt.

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