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At least 10 people were killed and 251 were injured after a chlorine gas leak at the port of Jordan

As authorities have called, chlorinegas leaks from storage tanks at Aqaba port in Jordan have killed at least 10 people and injured 251. The state media reported on Monday. Residents close the windows and stay indoors.

The leak occurred after a 25 tonnes of chlorine gas-filled tank exported to Djibouti fell in transit, officials said.

In the video of posted on the Twitter page of the state TV, the storage tank fell from the winch and hit the deck of the ship, and when people ran, yellow gas was in the air. It was shown to have risen. To that place.

و فيات و عقرات الإقابات جراءتسربل غازسامنتجية لانفجار تهريجفي# العقبةAlMamlakaTV)June 27, 2022

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Chlorine is widely used Although it is a disinfectant and water purifier, when inhaled, the gas turns into hydrochloric acid, which can lead to internal combustion and drowning reaction release of water in the lungs.

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Jordan's Aqaba grain storage silo has ceased work, but maritime traffic at Aqaba Port continues Petra, a state-run news agency, quoted the director as a general of the Jordanian Maritime Commission.

"We asked a ship that was near the area of ​​the tank explosion to leave the area immediately," said Secretary Mohammed Salman.

The port of Aqaba at the northern end of the Red Sea has long been the main transportation route for Iraq's imports and exports.

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Professional team is still dealing with leaks, civil defense services said on their Facebook page. According to state television, the evacuation plane was being sent to Aqaba.

Prime Minister Bisher al-Khasawneh arrived in Aqaba and headed to a hospital where some of the injured were being treated, state television reported.

Al-Khasawneh also formed an investigation team for the case chaired by the Minister of Interior, state television quoted as the Minister of Information said.

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(Report by Moataz Mohamed, Omar Fahmy, Nayera Abdallah, Suleiman al-Khalidi, Deepa Babington, Mark Porter , Lisa Shumaker)

The video shows children being treated in the aftermath of a gas attack in Syria – August 11, 2016

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