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Bill Cosby talks about how "murderers, rapists, bank robbers" and "wife beaters" left prison and praised him

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Bill Cosby is pictured in a video filmed by his publicist Andrew Wyatt that was shared on Cosby and Wyatt's Instagram accounts.
Bill Cosby was filmed by his spokeswoman Andrew Wyatt, shared on Instagram with Cosby and Wyatt. The account depicted in the video. Photo: Andrew Wyatt /Instagram

When Bill Cosby left prison, how he applauded "murderers, rapists, bank robbers" and "wife beaters" He told me if he was applauded.

Convicted sex offender 84 filmed by his spokeswoman and crisis manager Andrew Wyatt talking about being released from prison a year ago. it was done.

On Thursday, a video of their conversation was shared on the pair's Instagram account, showing Wyatt chatting when he took Cosby home.

A clip, believed to have been taken by Wyatt a year ago, showed that Cosby described the moment when he was said to be a "free man."

He states: .. You go home.

Cosby added that he mistakenly thought he was being called to do the laundry, and he added, "I put my shower shoes on the wrong foot."

The guard seems to have fixed him by saying, "No, no, no, you don't understand, you're free."

Cosby has been added to the video. This shows what you're talking about when you're slumping in the front seats of a Wyatt car. Juneteenth? But man, when I left ... the murderer, the rapist, the bank robber, and the wife's beater were all applauding. The

pair also celebrated that Cosby is no longer called a "violent sex offender."

Cosby was released from prison on June 30, 2021 after the indictment was withdrawn by the Supreme Court for an "unfair trial."

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court admitted that there was a "process violation" after Cosby had been sentenced to three to ten years in prison for more than two years. Overturned the conviction of sexual assault.

Women's rights activists responded to anger, tweeted by lawyer Lisa Bloom in March this year. "More than 60 women, including my client, have accused him of rape. He has not been falsely accused."

Her message was reviewed by the US Supreme Court in Pennsylvania. Arrived in the same month that I refused.

Wyatt calls the comic "Dr. Cosby" and in a video posted Thursday he describes it as "great" and "symbolic."

Cosby also hears that the media says he made "a lot of money" behind his scandal.

He later told Wyatt that he needed to "go home and rest" because "the heart was just happy."

Cosby's Instagram accountposted a photo of him in a yellow shirt on Thursday, a few days after the court ordered Judy Hughes to pay $ 500,000. Boasted of celebrating a year of freedom. 62, another woman allegedly assaulted.

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