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Blue Mountain offers more than film festival films

The resort town of Ontario hosted its first film festival this year, but there's still a lot to do when you're there

The Ridge Runner is the (less dangerous) successor to the Great Slide Ride.
The Ridge Runner is the successor to the Great Slide Ride (less dangerous). Photo: Blue Mountain Resort

The problem with attending most film festivals is generally surrounded by many non-cinematic ones competing for attention. That is. Apart from the fact that bars and restaurants are almost ubiquitous, there are usually some local activities that may be fun. The high sundance in the mountains of Utah is a great skier. Deep in southern France, Cannes has a beach.

In 2021, the Goteborg Film Festival in Sweden was stranded and carried to Hamneskar by one lucky participant, and finally from there, 70 of the competition. We have tried to over-compensate by providing the opportunity to watch all the movies in the book. , A small uninhabited island in the North Atlantic. ER nurse Lisa Enros won the competition, had no phone, no books, only movies for the company, and spent a week in the keeper's hut of the old lighthouse.

At the recent (and first) Blue Mountain Film Festival in a picturesque resort town just west of Collingwood, Ontario, organizers took part in activities in the area. Instead of hiding, I decided to lean forward. Participants were able to participate in a hike through the woods while Canadian director Patricia Rosema was discussing the filming of the 2015 movieInto the Forest. On the location tour, we visited the nearby Spy Cider House and Distillery.

And there was something fun I could do in the mountains outside the ski season. Blue Mountain has the Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster, the spiritual heir to the Great Slide Ride. If the slide ride was a concrete half-pipe that caused frictional burns and occasional derailment, the ridge runner is a smooth metal track and its threads are firmly attached to the rails. Riders board the cart at the base of the truck and climb straight up. Then follow a winding 1km downhill at speeds up to 42km / h.

  1. Muskoka is Ontario's playground, chock-full of wonderful nature, lakes and trails.

    In the summer of Canada's prime cottage country, the only traffic is "mouse jam"

  2. Helen du Toit is the executive and artistic director of the Blue Mountain Film Festival.

    Fresh Festival: Blue Mountain is home to Canada's latest film festival

Near the ridge runner, along a vertical theme, climbing wall, canopy lime net adventure (best for kids), timber challenge high rope (kids finally) Perfect for adults), and with Wind Rider Triple Zips, you can zip line from one platform to another and then land on the ground. Participants will be warned that when they run the first zip, the second is the only way to get back to Earth.

Mountains are crossed by a variety of hiking trails, from easy walks to difficult climbs. Before returning to the base, nearby Georgian Bay. And when you're easily distracted, you can ride the same gondola back to the bottom. During the walk, my wife and I found wildlife such as ground hogs and hawks. At one point, I came across a meditative memorial garden hidden beside the mountain. There is a bike trail in addition to the hiking trails.

Blue Mountain Village has several hotel facilities and a variety of shops and restaurants. We ate at Firehall Pizza Co., Mother Tongue Asian Bistro (Excellent Pad Thailand), Oliver &Bonacini Café Grill and sampled a beer flight at Northwinds Brewpub. Our lunch (and portable food for hiking) recourse was Cheezed, a grilled cheese Emporium with more than 12 varieties, including Apple / Bree.

Blue Mountain has a nearby golf course and several spas, close to the village and its conference center, but it's better to incorporate industry panels. Shou (Sound design and production design discussion was particularly fascinating) And yes, even if you watch some movies, some of them are (Open Phantom,The official competition,slash / back) is more widely played than it is today.

The Blue Mountain Film Festival will be held during the first four days of June this year, with a similar schedule for the second edition of 2023. But outside of those festival dates, you can easily enjoy your time there. More and more time to ride the Ridge Runner ...

If you go

Blue Mountain is about 160 kilometers northwest of Toronto for a couple of hours It's a drive. All-day passes range from $ 49 to $ 89 for adults, depending on the date. Fees for young and old are low. See for more information.

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