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Boris Johnson resigns as British Prime Minister

Boris Johnsonresigned as Prime Minister of the United Kingdomon Thursday, and after a series of series, the most difficult term as a modern world leader I put an end to one of them. The number of scandals has shaken his government's confidence in him.

His retirement marks a remarkable decline from the grace of a charismatic Conservative leader who celebrated an overwhelming election victory and full party support just two and a half years ago. is showing.

Johnson has already vowed to move forward as prime minister last month after slightly surviving a vote of no confidence caused by changing the story about the party breaking the COVID-19 blockade in government agencies. I did.

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However, two of his senior ministers, whose attitude subsequently turned out to be unsupportable, said on Tuesday about his treatment of the sexual misconduct scandal that plagued recent government appointees. I quit with an explanation of shit as well.

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Finance Secretary Rishi Sunak and Health Minister Sajid Javid resign from each other within minutes and give Johnson 2 The biggest problems facing the UK for humans — the crisis in living costs and the surge in COVID-19 infections.

Then, following the two, Alex Chalk's solicitor, Alex Chalk, joined four parliamentary secretaries, a Conservative vice-chairman, and two trade envoys, abandoning Johnson and resigning.

In his resignation, Cabinet officials shattered Johnson's credibility with an increase in scandals, and Chalk "irreparably collapsed" public confidence in the government under current leadership. Added.

Boris Johnson avoids questions about calling for resignation after the Prime Minister resigns

Johnson avoids criticism and politics Many times proved to be good at fighting scandals, dating back to his past role in Parliament and as Mayor of London.

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He took power as a Conservative leader in 2019 after Theresa May's resignation, with his party being the largest The majority of governments since 1987 Margaret Thatcher proved wrong by the denials in December, when they won the victory. He then made the final decision to withdraw from the European Union, which plagued May's government and its predecessor, David Cameron.

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But even experts and some Conservatives can't stand the wave of cabinet resignations this week. I suggested that it would be.

The latest scandal began on Thursday and resigned from Deputy Leader in a complaint that Chris Pincher had groped for two men in a private club. It raised a series of reports on the leveled past allegations against Pincher and questions about why Johnson promoted him to a senior position that enforces party discipline.

Pincher denies his claim.

Johnson's office initially stated that he was unaware of previous accusations when he promoted Pincher in February. By Monday, a spokesman said Johnson was aware of the allegations that "they were resolved or did not proceed to a formal complaint."

However, in a very unusual move, Simon McDonald, the highest-ranking civil servant in the UK Foreign Ministry from 2015 to 2020, went public claiming that the Prime Minister's Office did not tell the truth. I did.

McDonald's said in a letter to parliamentary members on standards that he received complaints about Pincher's actions in the summer of 2019, shortly after Pincher became Foreign Minister. The investigation supported the complaint and Pincher apologized for his actions, McDonald's said.

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"Mr. Johnson was directly informed about the start and results of the investigation. "McDonald's writes.

British Prime Minister British Johnson states that he does not intend to resign

After that, Javid and Snack will announce their resignation. Minutes ago, Johnson told reporters that Pincher should have been dismissed by the government after the last 2019 incident. When asked if it was a mistake to appoint a pincher to the government

, Johnson said: When I think about it later, that was wrong. The change in explanation from

 Johnson fueled dissatisfaction within the Cabinet after the minister was forced to publicly announce the Prime Minister's denial, but the explanation was given the next day. changed.

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Johnson's authority has already been shaken by a vote of no confidence last month. He survived, but 41 percent of the Conservatives voted to dismiss him. But until Tuesday, his cabinet remained largely loyal and loyal.

 Johnson's leadership concerns are months about a government-breaking party that ultimately fined 126, including those imposed on Johnson. It was fueled by his response to his allegations.

Two weeks later, Conservative candidates were badly beaten in two special elections to fill the vacant seats in Congress, increasing dissatisfaction within the Johnson Party, and ongoing accusations sympathized with the public. Suggested that I called. Even before the

pincher scandal, his proposal that Johnson would soon face another vote of no confidence was swirling.

Existing rules require 12 months between such votes, but some conservative lawmakers may support the rule change in the next vote on this issue. Proposed.

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