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The cause of death hearing has heard that Borutski was considered a risk to the victims before the prison was released in 2014.

In an inquest of a coroner,Basil Boratskywas released from prison for a crime related to domestic violence in December 2014, Ontario. I've heard that it was flagged as a risk to victims in the east.

A few months later, Borutski, known for his history of violence against women, kills Carol Culleton, Nathalie Warmerdam, and Anastasia Kuzyk on property in the Renfrew county area in an hour of rampage. Did.

Kirsten Mercer, a lawyer to end violence against women in Renfrew County, is the Quality Assurance Manager of the Soliciter Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications on the case records that protection observers and parolees had in Boltsky. I'm asking James Pearson.

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Mercer told someone working on the Boltsky case two days before his release, the Solicitor General Ministry. I read aloud an email sent by someone who is cooperating with. From prison, he said he predicted that he would endanger the victims and would not comply with probation orders.

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Pearson states that this email was not included in the case note, but community members, police, I agree that many other people have raised concerns. Criminal justice system for Borutski.

The Inquest is investigating the situation of triple murder and looking for ways to protect victims of violence by intimate partners, especially in rural areas.

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