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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was expected to resign in political fallout

Boris Johnsonresigns as Prime Minister of the United Kingdomon Thursday after he was abandoned by a minister and a member of his Conservative Party. I will announce it. Suitable for governing.

Eight ministers, including two State Secretaries, have resigned in the last two hours, giving inevitable isolated helpless Johnson and proclaiming his resignation later Thursday. Did. He said.

His Downing Street office confirmed that Johnson would later make a statement to the country.

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Due to his work after several days of fighting, Johnson has been abandoned by only a handful of allies after the latest in a series of scandals has broken their willingness to support him. I did.

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"His resignation was inevitable," Conservative Vice President Justin Tomlinson said on Twitter. .. "As a party, we need to unite quickly and focus on what's important. These are serious times in many ways."

Conservatives need to elect new leaders there is. This process can take up to 2 months. It was not clear whether Johnson would continue to play the role of caretaker while the new prime minister was elected.

"In addition to resigning as party leader, the prime minister must resign from his office," said conservative lawmaker Nick Gibb. "After losing so many ministers, he lost the trust and authority he needed to continue."

Boris Johnson after the Prime Minister resigned. Avoiding questions about the call for resignation

Support for Johnson, the recent British political history, the Finance Minister, who was only appointed to his post on Tuesday, Symbolized by Nadim Zahawi, he asked his boss to resign.

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Zahwi and other ministers went to Downing Street on Wednesday night with a senior representative of a non-government parliamentarian. Johnson said the game is over.

Initially, Johnson refused to go and seemed ready to dig in, dismissing Michael Gove. authority.

An ally told Sun's newspaper that party rebels "must soak their hands in blood" to get rid of Johnson.

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But by Thursday morning, a flood of resignations revealed that his position could not be supported.

"This is not sustainable, it only gets worse. For you, for the Conservatives, and most importantly for all countries," Zahawi said on Twitter. "You have to do the right thing and go now."

Some of the people left in the post, including Defense Minister Ben Wallace, have an obligation to keep the country safe. He said he did so just for a reason.

With so many ministerial resignations, the government faced paralysis unwilling to accept vacant posts.

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Two major British ministers have resigned and the government is at stake

From popular to abandoned

Enthusiastic Johnson came to power almost three years ago from the European Union in the United Kingdom. We promised to achieve our departure and save us from the fierce controversy that followed the 2016 Brexit Reference.

Since then, some conservatives have enthusiastically supported former journalists and the mayor of London, while others have resorted to appealing to some of the voters who normally reject the party. I supported him because I was able to do it.

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Backed by the December 2019 election. However, his militant and often chaotic approach to the rule of his administration and a series of scandals have exhausted many of his legislators' good intentions, while showing that he is no longer popular with the general public.

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Rep. Chris Pincher, who played the role of government involved in idyllic care, resigns on charges of seeking a man After being forced into a recent crisis broke out in a private member club.

Johnson had to apologize after it was revealed that Pincher had been briefed to have been the subject of previous sexual misconduct complaints before appointing him. He said he had forgotten the prime minister.

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'I take full responsibility': British Prime Minister Boris Johnson responds to Partygate after a new independent report – May 25, 2022

This is because his Downing Street residence and office broke strict COVID-19 lockdown rules and was fined by police at a rally on his 56th birthday. ..

Many British have criticized the U-turn of policy, the unlucky defense of legislators who broke the rules of lobbying, and the criticism that he hasn't done enough to tackle inflation. I'm having a hard time dealing with the rise in fuel. Food price.

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Kiel Starmer, the leader of the opposition Labor Party, said Johnson's resignation was good news for Britain.

"But that should have happened long ago," he said. "He was always unfit for the office. He is responsible for lies, scandals and fraud on an industrial scale."

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