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Canada Day Update: "Freedom" Protesters Move to Strascona Park, Organizers Seek Calm

Workers built a large fence on Wellington Street in front of the court and urged the protest organizers to turn around

Crews were working at setting up cement barriers along Wellington Street, near the Supreme Court.
Crew members are working to install a cement barrier along Wellington Street near the Supreme Court. I did.Photo courtesy of Ashley Fraser/Post Media

* This headline and story have been updated. Includes new information on planned Canadian Day protests

A "freedom" group protesting pandemic public health measures Sandy has a Canadian Day party We are moving to Strascona Park in Hill.

They said they would hold a "free" picnic on the lawn of the Canadian Supreme Court near the Capitol after a fence and concrete barrier about eight feet high were installed in front of the court on Wellington Street. Plan was thwarted.

"Freedom" advocates say the plans for a downtown march on July 1st and a dance party on Parliamentary Hill are on track.

Deputy Police Chief Steve Bell of Ottawa says hundreds of thousands are expected downtown to celebrate the first face-to-face Canada Day since 2019. The "Freedom" group is planning protests on both June 30th and Canada Day.

  1. Steve Bell, acting chief of the Ottawa Police Service, says police will not tolerate homophobic, misogynistic, or racist messages at Canada Day events.

    Racism and homosexuality at a public event on Canada Day Target, Misleading Signs or Speech'Unacceptable': Ottawa Police Services

  2. Ottawa interim police Chief Steve Bell says Canada Day celebrations will put a strain on the force's resources.

    Canada Canada Day Police Events Are "Tensioned" Ottawa Police Resources: OPS Event Commander

Two key figures in the "Freedom" movement As anger grows over this week's arrest in Ottawa, demonstrators are calling for peace. Tamara Lich's

Lich, a "free convoy" leader who allegedly violated bail conditions, occupied downtown Ottawa for three weeks last winter, driving down the street with idling trucks and parked cars. We are awaiting trial on charges related to the leadership of the convoy, which has blocked and staged parties and protests.

"Obviously everyone is making a fuss (about Rich), and of course it is," said Jerome O'Sullivan, a key person in the Canadian Freedom Fighter Group, on a social media video. Said in.

"But some people are picking up rakes and setting fire to torches. That's not the answer so far. That's what we deal with. Not the way.

"They are trying to offend us and are now trying to provoke us, so we become violent and they can arrest us. They are trying to stop this move. We are not giving them a reason. We have the right to gather peacefully and express ourselves and will continue to do so.

"But we will do it legally and legally."

A fence has been erected in front of the Supreme Court of Canada.
A fence was erected in front of the Canadian Supreme Court. Photo: Jacquie Miller/Post Media

Another key figure in the "freedom" movement is the protest march by James Top. I urged people to participate. The Canada Day event in Ottawa on June 30 shows support for Rich and his fellow convoy leader Patrick King in prison awaiting trial.

"We cannot allow tyranny to detain and hunt them down," said a video posted on social media by multimedia Dave of Live. .. A company that promotes and livestreams "freedom" events.

Dave also urged everyone to be at peace.

"We're not going to be like the government attacking us. They want to stir up violence. They want you to riot. , We're not going to do that, Canada. We're going to maintain integrity, and as we did in Ottawa (in a convoy protest), we're going to keep the line. "

Canada Day protest plan changes are widely promoted in the "Freedom" group's social media feeds.

Picnics at Strathcona Park include children's games and a speech by veteran Topp who walked all over Canada to protest the COVID-19 vaccine obligations.

The city of Ottawa says the group has applied for permission to host the event. The city "is in contact with the event organizers to ensure that all permit restrictions are respected," the city's statement said. "The city reserves the right to revoke the permit issued if it does not comply with the restrictions."

Citizens have asked the city to elaborate on what the permit restrictions will be, and more. A lot of information may be available on Thursday.

Originally, picnics were advertised for the Supreme Court lawn.

"With the heightened threat of Ottawa police, the city of Ottawa, and local provocatives, the Freedom Family Picnic featuring James Top is from the Supreme Court to Strascona Park for the safety and enjoyment of everyone. Was moved to, "said the post. Dave of Live from the Shed

July 1st at Strascona Park for Canada Day Bring your children to join Ottawa. This year I decided to focus on children. We are planning a fun activity with a speech after the activity is over. I can't wait to see you there. pic. twitter. com / NjUOtLRkYf

— PoliceOnGuardForThee (@PoliceOnGuard)June 27, 2022

In the original plan, A "free" picnic continued until 3:00 pm, "Mr. Freedom."

Bell Deputy Police Chief said that legal and peaceful protests are the right of the Canadian people. However, demonstration participants around Canada Day said they were not allowed to install speakers, buildings and tents.

The Strascona Park picnic promotes children's games, but does not mention concerts. There are activities and events from 9am to noon, followed by speeches from James Top from noon to 1am. Afternoon

This gives protesters time to return to downtown, where plans for marches and dance parties are underway.

Proponents of the "free movement" say protesters should meet at 3 pm. They will march to the City Hall for a speech at

on Wellington Street for a march starting at 3:30 pm.

 The march was already part of the plan, but it should have started in the Supreme Court.

"Bring a flag, banner, noise maker," said the poster with the revised schedule.

The Ottawa Jazz Festival will host a free Canada Day concert at Marion Dewar Plaza in the City Hall throughout the afternoon.

A free "dance party" on Parliamentary Hill from 5pm. Apparently I'm still going until 8 pm.

There will be speeches, live music and DJs, Dave said in a social media video. It's unclear if the protesters have approved a dance party.

A spokesperson for the Commission responsible for issuing permits for public events on Parliamentary Hill said it was issued on Canada Day. However, it does not disclose information about who received the permit, for what purpose, and at what time.

"We are not in a position to disclose information that does not comply with the purposeofbecause the application and permit contain personal information. It was originally collected, "said Stéphane Letendre, Program Coordinator of the Use of the Hill, in an email.

In one of his live streams, Dave from Live from the Shed said permission for the Parliament Hill event was issued to Freedom Fighters Canada.

There are only a few official events on Parliament Hill on Parliament Hill, ending at 4 pm.

However, Canadian Cultural Heritage encourages celebrities to visit the hills to see and take pictures of the Capitol building. Large concerts and fireworks were moved to Gatineau's Lebreton Flats and the nearby Jibi Plaza.

Bell said the Ottawa police did everything possible to keep the city safe and that illegal activity was unacceptable.

On Tuesday, Ottawa's Articles of Incorporation urged protesters to remove a table on Wellington Street near Metcalf in front of the Capitol.

The ordered table was deleted yesterday after it was installed on Wellington Street and Metcalf.

No table or material (including tents) that interferes with sidewalks or roads is allowed during future protests.

(1/3)#OttCity #OttNews pic. twitter. com / 66ZQkKYS8i

— Ottawa Articles of Association (@ OttawaBylaw)June 28, 2022

Mayor Jim Watson Head downtown to celebrate and confuse the Canadian Day party.

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