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Canada beats Japan 6-0 in Little League World Series

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The Canadian Press

The Canadian Press

SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT, Pennsylvania — Jackson Meyerbitch had 10 batters and scored, while Benjamin Dartnell had three to beat Japan in a 6-0 win over Canada in the Little League World Series. I went down.

After his first five scoreless innings on Friday, Canada scored in the sixth and final inning.

Mayervich singled to score Canada's first run, followed by a sacrifice hit by Ellis St. James to make it 2-0.

After three hitters, Dartnell doubled to right field to home three runners and make it 5–0.

With two outs, Ben He Meichenbaum drove home Dartnell on a ground ball, leading to an error by Japanese second baseman Yujiro Kume.

Mayervich pitched his final 4 1/3 innings and scored a third in a row after Lucas his pitcher Weisser left the mound with his two strikeouts and his three walks. He finished the game with a strikeout.

Canada will play Mexico next Monday.

This Canadian Press report was first published on August 19, 2022.