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Canadian airlines say summer schedules haven't changed while Air Canada is cancelled

Most Canadian airlines have stated that they will follow their summer service schedule as planned as Air Canada announces significant reductions in its flight lineup.

"We are carefully planning our summer operations and have been aggressively reducing capacity over the past few months to ensure stable operations."WestJetis a {8 statement on its website}.

WestJet,Porter, Sunwing, and Air Transat all operate normally without rescheduling. The airline was confirmed by email to Global News on Thursday.

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Air Canada Canada announced on Wednesdaythat it will shorten its July and August flight schedules to address ongoing delays and airport congestion.

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Most of the domestic flights to Canada's busiest airports are delayed or Canceled Over the past week as the effects of the overloaded international network continue to spread nationwide.

Airlines and the federal government are struggling to cope with endless routes, flight interruptions, lost luggage, and daily turmoil at airports, especially Toronto Pearson International Airport. .. It's a problem caused by the shortage of the aviation industry. A member of the Federal Security and Customs Officers of the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and the Canadian Air Transport Security Agency (CATSA).

Alghabra has announced that it will fund $ 105 million in air traffic control at four Canadian airports

According to  WestJet Airlines Ltd., flights to and fromToronto Pearson International Airport in July are 32% less than in 2019.

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In 2019, WestJet will have more than 700 flights a day before the COVID-19 pandemic. He said he had operated. This summer, airlines fly 15% less, averaging about 530 flights a day.

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WestJet said it has taken steps to ensure stable operations. Across multiple departments.

We also introduced digital vouchers and prepaid options to inform guests about evolving timelines and requirements before travel, as well as self-service and time savings at the airport. ..

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“We have worked closely with airport partners, third-party providers and the federal government to mitigate the challenge for the busiest weekend trips before the pandemic,” says WestJet.

In an email statement to Global News, Sunwing said it "did not anticipate any additional changes" to its summer service levels.

"Sunwing has already taken a conservative approach to reducing capacity this summer to provide the best possible customer experience," the airline said. ..

"Customers who choose to take a vacation at Sunwing will enjoy a direct flight to their destination, which eliminates schedule complexity and provides consistent service as planned. You can continue to do it. "

Alghabra has announced that it will provide $ 105 million in air traffic control at four Canadian airports.

Porter will also operate the summer flight schedule as planned. Brad Cicero, a spokesman for a Toronto-based regional airline, said.

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"Billy Bishop Airport is operating relatively well compared to the larger airports and during that period Resources are available at Cicero, "said Cicero.

He said this summer would be a busy time "with passengers comparable to 2019".

Air Transat spokesman Marie Christine Prio also said the airline has not received a request for flight reductions and is not expecting cancellations.

Global News asked Lynx and Swoop to comment on whether to reduce their flight lineup, but did not respond.

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